Beauty Empties


05:20Meg Riley

   Here we go again, it may not be the most extensive empties ever, but these are just some of the products that I've used up recently. I've definitely been going back to old favourites over the last few weeks, and rekindling much love for Soap&Glory as a brand too, including their scents and body care. Of course we must also take a moment of mourning for one of my beauty favourites, which I've recently discovered to have been discontinued for some strange reason - I may have to start a petition to bring it back (You'll soon discover what I mean in a minute).

 L U S H   S W E E T I E   P I E   S H O W E R   J E L L Y

   I've been storing this empty in my beauty stash for a while now, waiting until I have used up 4 more Lush products so I can get a free fresh face mask. The concept of shower jelly somewhat baffled me when I first tried this, as I didn't know whether to use the whole thing, or whether you had to use it on its own. After watching and reading a few reviews on this stuff, I realised that its essentially a solid-ish shower gel, and that by taking a little bit from the pot, I was able to lather it up nicely under the shower with a loofah. I must say that the sweet and sour cherry scent is one of my favourites from Lush, as it reminds me of the blackcurrant Starburst sweeties - It also has flecks of glitter within it so what's not to love about that. In terms of practicality though, I must admit that it's not my favourite, as sometimes it was hard to use with it being so slippery. For that reason I probably wouldn't purchase again, but would use it if it was gifted to me of course, as the longevity of this product is pretty impressive - So, I guess it would be cost efficient to replace one pot of this with bottles of normal shower gel, that is as long as you can stand the jelly texture.

H E R B A L   E S S E N C E S   B E E   S T R O N G   C R E A M

   Another bottle of this stuff has finally come to an end, and its dawned on me that I may never see another bottle again - As for some reason Superdrug doesn't seem to stock it anymore (#bringbackbeestrong). Tis a sad day, as this leave in conditioner has been a lifesaver for my hair over the past few months. I'd love to use this if I was feeling lazy when washing my hair, and simply shampooing in the shower, and spraying this through after drying with a towel. The scent of this product is pleasantly sweet, using honey to help with moisture, and the consistency didn't feel heavy in my hair with the spritz applicator. In terms of how it helped my hair, of course my hair felt less dry, but also aided in detangling after showering, and strengthening my hair which is something that I'm cautious about being a bleached blonde.

S O A P & G L O R Y   M I S T   Y O U   M A D L Y

   Another favourite of mine, since I've been in high school in fact, is this body spray from Soap & Glory. In the past, my body sprays have been your typical aerosols that all seem to have the same scent, yet I would still collect every variation possible. But with this body spray, the spritz is much lighter and fresher, as well as the scent being Soap&Glory's signature floral fragrance. Their miniature version like this one is super handy for on the go, and has lasted quite a while considering how much I like to use it. Generally, Soap&Glory as a brand are one of my all-time favourite brands for scents, and at a drugstore price you certainly can't complain when the time comes to stocking up again.


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