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06:27Meg Riley

   With my bedroom in the middle of a spring glow up, I've been organising my beauty bits around to find a new home for them. Now, organising is one of my favourite things to do, I even use it as a stress reliever; which my mum is a big fan of when it comes to our unkempt kitchen drawers. I don't know what it is, perhaps the satisfaction to look back after and see my things neatly in order, or keeping my brain busy with how things should be organised. Whatever it is, I've been undergoing some serious tidying in my bedroom, and so I thought that I would offer some inspiration to those who are perhaps in the midst of a spring clean crisis. Do not fear, crazy, organiser lady is here!

   All of my beauty pieces are found at my desk, and so I wanted them to be accessible when I'm getting ready. For that reason I started with my perfumes and sprays. Initially I was going to purchase a tray of some sort, but this smaller, wooden tray from H&M Home is the perfect size for my perfumes, and ties in with the white and natural wood combo that I wanted in my room. Along the top of this desk shelf that I have from IKEA, I also keep my mirror handy for when I'm getting ready - As well as a few extra, little things to make it look pretty. Underneath this desk shelf, I then keep my make up brushes in these two pots from IKEA, one for my face brushes, and one for my eye shadow brushes and other tools like eyelash curlers and tweezers. To complement the accents of copper in my bedroom, I then bought a copper spray paint from Wilko which is a great way to personalise items or refresh them for summer. And of course copper is still huge right now in interior design, so I may have gone a little copper crazy with the spray paint - But all will be revealed soon with a new blog post on my bedroom redecoration! 

   The main beauty organiser in my room are my new drawers from IKEA, which possibly every YouTuber and blogger has. On top of these drawers I keep my main skincare, including a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, which are then easy to grab in the mornings. I may still purchase a larger tray here for other things like glasses or well-worn pieces of jewellery, but for now I'm using a magazine which looks very blogger-esque. Within the 5 drawers that are here, in the top I keep all face products, then underneath eye products, and after that I have my palettes and make up bags. In the two, deeper drawers I then keep any other beauty products like body butters, deodorant, hair masks ect. and in the bottom there are my hair tools like hairdryer and curler. Within the drawers I use cutlery trays from IKEA to divide my make up products, and so I know what to grab and I'm able to see what I'm running low on (or what I need to stop buying!). If there's anything I can link for you, then I'll leave them all below. But organising doesn't need to be that difficult, with a few cheat ways you can have a tidy space which for me equals a tidy mind. 


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