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02:28Meg Riley

   Recently, a big part of my style has revolved around combining layers and clashing pieces together. Most of the time I'll have my go-to combinations with clothing, but by utilising different pieces I've managed to find new outfits using whatever is already in my wardrobe. With this combination, I loved the touches of copper and rusty colours, layering a slouchy t-shirt over a longer sleeved striped shirt, and with a pair of metallic copper socks this is definitely a 'Meg' outfit. As per, I've also been getting the use out of my winter coat from Missguided whenever I can, with it's faux fur lining it's sure keeping me warm whilst looking super chic. As for accessories, I took details of silver to clash with the warm copper shades, with the silver buckle on my belt and hoop earrings. An outfit like this is really easy to put together, and as odd as it may feel to wear different pieces together, I'd like to think that I've pulled it off?

I T E M S   S E E N

Copper T-Shirt - Forever 21

Metallic Copper Socks - H&M

Black Brogues - Primark

Small Silver Hoop Earrings - ASOS


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