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   Since skincare has become quite a big part of my blog recently, I thought it was only right to share with you my face mask collection since it's something that I'm pretty proud of right now. All of my face masks are also drugstore which means they'll hardly break the bank, as well as keeping your skin feeling fresh. For me, a face mask is a weekly treat within my skincare routine, where recently I've gotten into the habit of cleansing my face before showering, then applying a face mask and leaving it whilst I'm in the shower - Where I'll then rinse it off in the shower to save time. When applying I'll also use a flat foundation brush which I find super easy and less mess than using my fingers.

   My most recent additions to my face mask collection are the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks which I actually did a thorough run-down on HERE if you're interested in finding out more about each mask, and my honest opinions. Overall as a drugstore face mask I'd definitely rate these well, and think that there are similarities to my Body Shop ones too. As for the Body Shop, my favourites are their clay masks which I have here in Tea Tree and Seaweed. Since I have oily / combination skin, these masks definitely come in handy whether I want to control the oil on my t-zone with the Seaweed, or clear up any spotty areas with the Tea Tree. I must say that these are different in finish on the skin, as the Tea Tree mask is much more nourishing, whereas the Seaweed is more 'clay-like' and hardens much easier (Meaning a moisturiser is definitely needed afterwards!). My other Body Shop mask is slightly different, as instead of washing this off, you're able to sleep in this overnight as a hydrating mask. I'd originally bought this as a gift for my mum, but soon ended up sharing during the colder months when my skin needed a little hydration. I believe that even though I do have oily skin, masks like these definitely help once in a while, since it allows my skin to stay plump and prep for those later years with their Drops of Youth formula.

   Finally, a similar mask to the Body Shop Tea Tree and L'Oreal Purity Mask, is this one from Queen Helene which was ordered from the U.S. and acts in a similar way in aiming to clear skin and reduce oil. I must say that this stuff definitely has a strong, toothpaste scent, but you can also feel the mask working on the skin when applied; which I prefer with masks as then I know that it's actually doing something for my skin. I've only used this a handful of times, and should probably use more to get the full effect, but for now I'm pretty happy with what it's done for my skin - And it's not broken me out which is always a good sign!

If you have any face mask recommendations, then feel free to comment below!


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