Beauty Review


08:32Meg Riley

   With a name as bold as what it claims to do to your lashes, the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced caused quite a stir within the beauty community last year. From what I'd read and heard, most people absolutely loved this mascara, whilst the odd few didn't stick to it as much. However when looking for a new mascara, I thought that I would take the plunge and purchase this bad boy in the hope that I would love it rather than loathe it. I must say, the packaging of Too Faced products is probably my favourite thing, with this metallic pink casing and embossed lettering, this mascara does feel like a luxury product. As for the brush shape, I did find this unique with it's hourglass design, as I feel that this was effective in curling my lashes and separating them. When first using this it gave my lashes much needed volume and thickness which was amazing, but after a while I felt as if my lashes lacked length. The colour itself is a perfect, intense black, and the longevity of this stuff is pretty good, although I'd think they're new waterproof version would be even better in that department. At times it would flake a little under my eyes, so perhaps the waterproof version would be better for me if I was to try this again next time. When layering the mascara as suggested, I didn't find it too great as sometimes it would become clumpy and a little messy, but when keeping it to a single coat this stuff is the bomb. Would I purchase again? If I was in the market for a high-end mascara then yeah possibly, although I think I'd be buying this quite often if I was a regular user, as it didn't seem to last too long. But right now I'm happy with my drugstore, L'Oreal Miss Hippie mascara which is killin' it for me right now.


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