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09:32Meg Riley

   For me, skincare has become a big part of my beauty life since starting drama school. and the no make up rule that they have in place. I believe that the lack of make up worn has definitely improved my skin's condition, as well as some of the products that I'd incorporated into my morning routine. In the beginning my routine was kept fairly simple, purely for time purposes in the morning so that I could have as much of a lie in as possible. It was then I would only cleanse and moisturise in the morning, and use a cream cleanser in the evening with a muslin cloth. Below are some of those empties that I've used up from the past 2 months, but if you'd like to see my updated skincare routine then you can check that out HERE!

K I E H L 'S   M I C R O-B L U R   S K I N   P E R F E C T O R

   With this being my first ever product from Kiehl's, I had high hopes for this to work as a sort of primer before applying foundation. When using this I definitely felt similarities to Benefit's Porefessional Primer, both in feel and appearance. However I'd probably say that this from Kiehl's is much better for my skin. It's also definitely lightweight and doesn't feel greasy on the skin once you've worked it in. A top tip for this product would also be that a little goes a long way, which is why I think that it's taken me so long to use up.

B O T A N I C S   S O F T E N I N G   C L E A N S E R

   This is a great drugstore find for a cream cleanser, especially if you're a little younger and wanting to venture out into your cleansers without breaking the bank. This genuinely left my skin feeling super soft, and felt gentle when removing my make up when I did wear it. Usually I would apply this to dry skin and then remove with a warm flannel or muslin cloth in the evening, and after a week or so I could definitely see an improvement in my skin's condition, as I wasn't using a face scrub as much which I think contributed to my skin's redness.

T H E    B O D Y   S H O P   T E A   T R E E   L O T I O N

   Now I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned the tea tree range from the Body Shop multiple times on this blog, as I has a period of time where I would be constantly using the stuff to help with oil control and redness. The lotion is very much your basic, everyday moisturiser for oily skin, as it soaks up quickly and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and prepped for make up. Would I purchase again? Perhaps as a cheaper option for a face lotion, although I didn't feel that it had much effect in improving my skin's redness.


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