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   Before the Christmas holidays were over, and everyone returned back to normal, everyday work life, I thought that I would try and binge watch as much Netflix as possible, and try and cut down 'My List.' (So many shows, so little time) I must give some props to Netflix though, as they have some amazing content on there right now, and so I couldn't resist in showing you some more of my top picks from the festive season, and those released recently. Plus, I had a gap to fill whilst all of my fave TV shows came back on for the New Year, so how else was I meant to spend my time? Perhaps on that essay, but who's to say. 

T H E   C R O W N

   This. Show. Oh my. Now if you'd have asked me a year ago, what kind of TV do you watch? I would have said American teen dramas, but since the first series of Victoria aired in the UK, I have been obsessed with period drama. I was never into Downton Abbey myself, but this portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and her life in the C20th has certainly captured my attention. I'd seen all of the recent advertisements for this series on YouTube and TV, and immediately saw Matt Smith (Who I love as an actor) and so one day I caved in and watched the first episode. It was incredible. As an actor it really does help with my RP accent, as of course the queen naturally has a heightened RP. As for the plot, I love the historical aspect to the series, as I never took history at school and so I learnt quite a lot - Not only about the queen, but the entire monarchy, the government and Winston Churchill. Honestly, I cannot wait for the next series to be shown, as apparently we'll see a lot more of Prince Philip; which was hinted at towards the end of the first series. Genuinely a great piece of British drama killing the game.

N I C K   O F   T I M E

   Now this is an absolute throwback to my college days in film studies, and the best teacher I'd ever had, Steve Brennan. In my first year of film studies, we watched this film to look at it's narrative structure, and I remember really enjoying it. That's why when I saw that this had been added to Netflix, I had a little chuckle and instantly added it to my list. Young Johnny Depp (Need I say more ladies and gentlemen?) and his daughter, is used as an ultimatum for killing a political figure. The whole film is set in real-time, meaning that there aren't any time jumps to the next day, week, year ect. so the thriller aspect is significantly intensified even more. 

P R I D E   &   P R E J U D I C E   &   Z O M B I E S

   Remember how I said that I've been obsessed with period drama? Yeah, well Pride and Prejudice has been included within that. Being the film fanatic that I am, I must admit that I had never watched Pride and Prejudice until last month. I knew small sections about the novel, but only limited knowledge about the film - My only knowledge being that I knew Keira Knightley was in it. But before I watched the original film, I watched this version with zombies added into the mix. From the reviews that I'd heard of, I never intended to watch this film, but as I realised Matt Smith was in it, I couldn't resist. I think I was having a Matt Smith moment over the holidays. As for the film itself, as ridiculous as the title sounds, I really did love this film. The Bennet sisters are so badass, Matt Smith is hilarious, and the love story between Darcy and Elizabeth killed me. In terms of the zombies, it surprisingly worked, I didn't hate it. Although I'm a fan of things like the Walking Dead anyway.

G O N E   G I R L

   Now that I think of it, Rosamund Pike was actually in the Pride and Prejudice film with Keira Knightley playing her sister Jane - Just a fun fact for you all. But in Gone Girl she's a simple psycho. When the hype of the book came about I was tempted to read it, but then the film came about to me quicker, and so I took to the screen instead which I know some people hate. My first impressions where, 'What the actual f*ck?' As the film concluded I felt empty, like I needed answers, and a sequel to be honest. As a psychological thriller I certainly do rate this film well, as both Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike's characters genuinely shocked me at times. For some (my mum especially) this may be too long of a film with its duration, but the plot behind it is quite interesting to see pan out.


   Here I was actually unsure about whether I'd already mentioned this before on my blog, as I just assumed that I would have. But alas, I have not. This classic romance is known for it's iconic pottery scene, and my favourite song of all time Unchained Melody. My mum first told me about this film as she has always loved Patrick Swayze, and when I did finally bring myself round to watching it for the first time, I didn't really realise that he would be a ghost for the majority of it *Spoilers*

T H E   F R E S H   P R I N C E   O F   B E L - A I R

   This is not a drill people! Yes, Will Smith as Will Smith has landed himself on Netflix and I couldn't be happier. During my younger teenage years I had such a phase for this TV show, but I don't recall ever watching the entire thing. Well younger Meg, the time has come to rekindle the love and watch all six seasons in it's 90s technicolor glory. With another iconic song as its intro, this show was huge in the 90s, and with it now being on Netflix, I have a feeling that the Fresh Prince fans will be rejoicing. 


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