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06:11Meg Riley

   December has been such an amazing month, that I am really rather saddened to see the end of it. As for my style, I think that I've definitely stuck to some key pieces that I thought would be nice to share and look back on. I'd say that my style this month has very much been for comfort, as time off from school has meant that I can laze about in my pyjamas most days, however on the rare occasions that I did get dressed, casual comfort was my go-to. Since it's winter I also love layering whenever I get the chance, as not only does it look stylish, but keeps you warm too. Plus, as someone who likes to cover up, the winter season is a godsend as it means jumpers, coats and not having to shave my legs. My winter coat this year was actually received as a gift for Christmas, so I've been getting the most out of it recently, and the faux fur lining is ridiculously warm. Along with this I've also been using my trusty Doc Marten dupe brogues, which were £14 from Primark, but still make any outfit seem cool. They usually bring these shoes around every few months, so all I'd say is keep an eye out!

   Although in December I've also had a winter ball, which meant that I got the chance to dress up a little for the festive season (and shave my legs unfortunately). It was here that I got to take advantage for my love of all-things metallic this season, as this trend has most definitely caught my eye in December - From shoes, to jewellery, to socks, metallics have been a huge influence in my style choices. In the upcoming spring, I'll for sure be including metallics in my everyday style, and perhaps begin to bring more colour into my attires, as this winter has been focused on monochrome and pastels for me. A resolution-type-goal this year is to only buy pieces that I genuinely love, but perhaps wouldn't normally wear. I want to experiment this year with fashion, so let's see what happens...

 I T E M S    S E E M

Black Brogue Shoes - Primark


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