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   I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas, I don't know why I'm feeling particularly Christmassy this year, but I cannot wait to relax watching Christmas day TV with a tub of Celebrations. For now though, with the run-up to Christmas I've been taking advantage of my time off from school and adding more and more to my Netflix list. That's why I thought I would share with you some of my top picks for this month, as it would seem that I've not done one of these posts in quite a while (Bad Meg). Don't worry, not all are Christmas related, I like to think that I've got a good bunch here of my faves...

I N T O   T H E   W O O D S

   Of course, being the drama queen that I am, I couldn't not include this film into the mix. With an all-star cast, including Meryl Streep who is just ugh, perfection. And who could also forget Chris Pine as Prince Charming, I certainly couldn't, with one of my favourite scenes of his being with his on-screen brother singing on a waterfall - Yes, that happens. If you're not a fan of musicals then perhaps this isn't for you, as 99% of the dialogue is sung, but nevertheless I always enjoy watching this film and end up thinking I'm the next Broadway star *Breaks out into song* 

M E N,   W O M E N   &   C H I L D R E N

   On the other side of the spectrum, this film is something that I always forget about, but always love when I do remember to watch it. It's the type of film with many narrative threads, that somehow interlink with one another. Again, this film has a great cast, and tackles some interesting and important topics surrounding technology mostly. I'd say that this is targeted for younger people, as even though it does feature family life, there are some scenes that I'd rather not watch with my parents.

G A V I N   &   S T A C E Y:   C H R I S T M A S   S P E C I A L 

   Even when it isn't Christmas, I'll watch Gavin & Stacey all year round, as one of those classic TV shows that I can watch in the background whilst doing work. The comedy in this is timeless for me, and I'll forever love the character Pam as she reminds me so much of my own mum. As for the Christmas Special, you can't go wrong with watching this feel-good show, and to this day I can honestly say that I've watched it too many times to count. 

S T R A N G E R   T H I N G S

   The buzz that has surrounded this TV show is quite crazy, every time I would tell someone that I hadn't watched Stranger Things, I would receive a dramatic gasp in disbelief. It was a few weeks ago that I finally caved, and my friend Megan let me watch the first episode. I then went home and watched the next two episodes, and damn it, I was hooked. Usually I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan, but I think with the added mystery element, I managed to fall for the hype. By the end of the first season, I was begging for the second, as I needed to know what was going to happen with Jonathan and Nancy?! I was also a little gutted that I'd missed the chance to be Barb for Halloween, as I have the glasses and everything - Well, there's always next year.

H O M E   A L O N E

   Now we have a classic. You can't go through Christmas without watching Home Alone, enough said. If somehow you've never managed to watch this film, then surely you must be too young to watch films all together, as I'm pretty sure this timeless film has been watched by most - And is still quoted by my grandad on a weekly basis. Even the opening music makes me excited Christmas, and let's be honest, we've always wanted a house like the McAllister's. 

B R I D E   W A R S

   When I saw that this has been added to Netflix, I definitely screamed and watched it straight away without hesitation. For me, this film is a nostalgic watch, as I loved this film in high school and even wrote a review on it for a piece of English homework. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson's bangs, what's not to love, really? This is generally another feel-good film for me, and I'll watch it anytime that I want a giggle, and maybe a little tear towards the end when Priscilla Ahn's Dream begins to play. P.S. If you didn't realise already, a young Chris Pratt also makes an appearance as Anne Hathaway's fiancĂ©, I know, I couldn't believe that I'd never realised sooner either. 


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