06:07Meg Riley

   Merry Christmas everyone! I am so excited that the big day is finally here, and I hope you're all enjoying Christmas wherever you are in world, and that you're having a lovely day even if you don't celebrate. In our house though, Christmas for us is huge, my mum goes all out on decorations, and the 'Christmas cupboard' is stocked up with enough food to the point that we struggle to close it. As a family we also don't really do the whole dress-up-for-the-day thing, as we spend the entirety of the day in our pyjamas - And this year I have some super cute, fleece ones with reindeer on, it's a tradition to get new pyjamas at this time of the year ok. And apparently (even though I'm turning 20 next year *comprehends the thought of not being a teen anymore*) my mum has gone mental on selection boxes, chocolate coins, chocolate Santa, the lot. Although I'm not complaining, as it's serving me well right now as I prepare to watch Frozen. If you're doing the same, then cheers! If not, enjoy the rest of your day and here's to the New Year... Hopefully with some exciting, new things coming up and a fresh start to the academic term for me! P.S. If you wanna know, all of the tree decorations this year are from NEXT Home, which I think do some great pieces, especially for natural woods and white this year.


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