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07:47Meg Riley

   It happened again. I relapsed and returned to the ways of the full fringe. I know, it would seem that I do this around Christmas time, but I just can't get enough of the fringe and always seem to find myself going back to this style and then regretting it about 2 weeks later (Although, so far so good in terms of regret) I'd been contemplating about get my bangs back since October really, as I hadn't had my hair coloured in so long, and was planning to book into the hairdressers before my winter ball this month. Once I'd booked the appointment, I then had to decide whether I would just go for my usual full-head of foils and a trim on the ends, or stretch out my roots and go for the full fringe. The only problem that I had with a fringe was 1) I wasn't allowed hair to cover my face at drama school and 2) I knew that I didn't suit a blonde fringe when experimenting in the past with styling my own hair - I don't know why, I just thought it looked like a wig and that I would be able to do a Hannah Montana at any moment and whip it off. Basically I didn't think that it would look natural with my blonde locks, as in the past when I've had a full fringe, I've been a brunette. 

 As I'd booked the appointment, I decided to prep by gathering some photos like I always do, particularly ones of Lily Melrose who is always hair inpso. for me, back when she also had a fringe that was blonde. I'd also used Pinterest mostly to find some possible root stretch ideas, so that I would have a darker fringe but still keep the majority of my hair blonde, since I'd spent so long trying to be blonde in the first place. Luckily I have the best hairdresser in the world who really studied one particular picture that I showed her HERE of this cool-toned blonde, but still with some natural root, as this would also help in maintaining my colour. What I believe we ended up doing was sticking to my normal high-strength peroxide for foils on my ends, but then weakening the strength towards my roots. Before foiling she also roughly cut my fringe so that she was able to colour my fringe accordingly. After my head was packed with foils, I then used a cool toner like always to neutralise any of those warm tones that I'm not personally too fond of. 

   As for the fringe itself, when it came to cutting my hair I did say that I wanted it quite choppy and long, purely so that I could have the option to pin it back for school. Next time I would probably make the fringe a little thicker by starting further back, as I love the whole 60s Parisian vibes right now, but in the meantime I'm happy with the results! Even though my fringe is lighter, I think by weaving in the foils, my hairdresser was able to utilise the already-growing roots and blend then into the blonde, so the idea of having a lighter fringe now doesn't freak me out too much. In fact, you never know, I might just go the full Hannah Montana and go lighter, watch this space...


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