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07:50Meg Riley

   Since starting drama school, I've had to adapt my usual morning routine, wearing all black clothing, having my hair off my face, and probably the most hard-hitting for me - No make up! Now to some, the idea of this is unimaginable, and as someone who is an avid beauty lover, this concept took a while to sink in. My usual morning routine would mostly be based around my make up, but now with the idea of not wearing any make up at all, made me realise that I can spend more time on skincare instead. Although despite the 'no make up' rule, I have kept a few products to at least make me feel better about my skin. My go-to base product now is this one from Kiehl's, and I must say it's been a life saver. As someone who has quite oily skin, I find this controls it really well, and does create that blurred effect over my skin - Similar to Benefit's Porefessional, except I think this is probably doing better for the ol' pores.

   As for the rest of my make up, I've realised that brows are key! By taking a minute to do something so simple, can really transform and frame the face, and now it's a must in my routine. My usual brow product has been the eye shadow 'Faint' from Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette, along with a clear mascara to set them for the day. I must admit mine looks a little gross now, but by going back to a clear mascara, I can use this to set my brows and obvs use as a mascara too. Finally for my lips I've kept it simple again with this Carmex lip balm that I swear by for dry lips. Overall, as you can see that there's nothing majorly fancy about this, but as someone who would usually wear make up everyday, by using these few products it makes me feel like I can go out and face the day - And hopefully soon this no make up thing will pay off for my skin!


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  1. Great post! The no make up look is definitely my go-to on my busy days.

    1. Thanks Jenni, I'm learning to love it too!