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   I thought it was only right to commemorate my birthday month with a favourites post, featuring what I've been loving through September. Overall it's been a pretty crazy month, sorting out adult things, starting drama school and the beginning of my degree, as well as turning 19! (Check out my birthday post HERE) But as we enter October I'm only filled with excitement for everything autumn, the food, the fashion and the cosy weather. I'm also planning on visiting my friends over the next few months, or as far as my bank balance will take me, so I'm looking forward to travelling around the UK a little more too. As for now, here's a few little favourites that I've been using this month, including some new bedroom interior pieces as I'm currently re-decorating my room, since I'll be living at home for the next 3 years whilst studying.

   Now I don't know about you, but when I think about re-decorating my first thought is always IKEA! Especially if you're on a budget, IKEA has the best decor and furniture, and like most people I thought a little added cactus collection to my room was definitely necessary. The simple white against green combo is my absolute fave right now, as that's what I'm trying to do with my new room, sticking to a very fresh, simple colour scheme of white, green, copper and a muted pastel pink. 

   To add some copper to my room I thought candles and accessories were the best way forward, and this one from H&M Home is a great steal for only £3.99. H&M Home is also one of my go-to places for interior decor, as they always have the latest trends and Pinterest-type pieces that are right up my street. Although this doesn't have a particular scent, I think it adds a subtle touch of copper that's of course bang on trend right now.

   Keeping with the colour scheme, this candle is also a great addition for those accents of green that I mentioned earlier - Although with it coming to the winter season (Dare I say it, Christmas!) I thought this darker, forest green would be much prettier and cosy. As for the scent, green tea is also a fave of mine that I've been loving this month, especially the Twinings collection of green teas. 


   With my new room I'm also hoping to keep as much of it as minimal as I can, and so I've given my make up storage and mirror to my mama, and traded it it for some new drawers and this new desk addition. With this simple beige wood design, I thought that it would go perfectly with my white desk, without it being too big or flashy.

   In other news, it was also my birthday on the 5th September, and as a gift I received Tanya Burr's new baking book and have been putting it to good use for me and the family. So far I've made the American Pancakes and Salted Nutella Cookies; which I must say where a hit in my household and will definitely be making again soon. Overall I think it's a great mix of recipes, both classic and contemporary, in fact it's so good my nan (Who is like Mary Berry to me) went straight to ASDA to buy herself one after showing her mine!


   Since this was also the month of starting study again, some new stationery was in order. And so like always Wilko managed to save the day, and my pennies, with this A5 metallic gold notebook with a ribbon bookmark. I've been obsessed with the metallic trend right now and so like a magpie I was obviously drawn to this precious thing.

2016/17 DIARY -  WILKO

   Of course to match this I couldn't not leave without this diary from Wilko either, with the coordinating metallic date, this planner has become my little life saver. As someone who enjoys writing everything down, this is perfect with a calendar, notes, annual planner and every piece of information you could ever need including travel companies - This is the one.


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