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03:56Meg Riley

   Nowadays it's not very often that I'll flash the cash and justify a big, high-end purchase, mostly because it's rare if I can afford it on my student budget. But I know that sometimes people want the high-end life with a high-street budget, which is why I've wanted to share this drugstore dupe with you all, especially since I know The Multiple from NARS cosmetics has become rather popular this year in the beauty world. I'd first bought the NARS Multiples due to their popularity and a cream product like this is something I've never really dabbled in. Of course, NARS cosmetics is a well-known, luxury brand, and most recently drugstore brands have been bringing out similar stick styles of bronzers, blush and highlighters - Such as Natural Collection, Models Own, and in particular The One Blush Sticks from Make Up Revolution. 

   At first glance, the packaging is something to consider with it's similarities, as the sleek, black packaging is something that I love from NARS, and MUR have followed in familiar footsteps with this black, plastic tube and gold writing, making this look slightly more expensive than other, cheaper versions on the market. In terms of the amount of product you get, with NARS there's 14g whereas MUR offers 12g, although with the price difference being so much, I can let that one slide. As for the colour range, there's a definite comparison between these two brands, particularly with the blush shade 'Rush.' The famous 'Orgasm' blush from NARS is pretty iconic, with the perfect pink and gold shimmer running through, creating a beautiful rose gold effect on the cheeks. Similarly this one from MUR has the same effect, however to look at on the skin there is more of a coral tone to the shade; which you'll see in the swatches below. For the highlighter, the NARS 'Copacabana' has also become pretty iconic, and with the pigmentation of NARS being undeniable, this creates the perfect, pearl highlight with fine glitters running through it, which can be easily built from just one swipe. However with the MUR version in 'Dream,' this is slightly more pink-toned, and perhaps not as fine in shimmer, but for a drugstore highlight I do commend MUR for their version.

   With both of the MUR products, the formulation is much creamier than NARS, making them easier to work with. For me, with blush sticks like these, I like to dab them onto a stippling brush, and then apply to the apples of my cheeks. However for highlight I prefer to use my fingers as then I can apply them with precision, or before my foundation using these highlighter sticks as a kinda pre-glow. When it comes to longevity, NARS can have it's advantage, although from my mum's experience from using these this week, the highlight has stood well in the test of time throughout the day. Would I recommend? Of course! If you're looking to save a few from NARS then definitely check these out, especially if you're new to cream products and want to ease yourself in, as they're super easy to use. I know that MUR have matte versions of all of their shades, but they look a little too intense for me, so I'll stick to these lil' beauty steals.

NARS Cosmetics The Multiple - £29

Make Up Revolution The One Blush Stick - £2.50

SAVE £26.50!

Buy Make Up Revolution online or from Superdrug HERE


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