08:15Meg Riley

   Yes, sadly all good things must come to and end, with this post marking the beginning to an end of an era - The last of my teen years. Tomorrow is my 19th birthday and so begins the final year of being a teen, and heading into my 20s (which still sounds bizarre to me). I suppose it's a sad time as I reflect on what my dad says are the 'best years of my life,' but then again I'm mostly hopeful in imagining the next decade of my life. I'll admit 'the best years of my life' aren't really all that they cracked up to be, as when I look back my driven attitude has meant that I haven't been the most adventurous or reckless as you'd expect any typical teen to be. Instead my best times have been with the best people, whether it's from a trip to the beach or a trip to IKEA. And as I look on to the next chapter I can only wish that I can make more happy memories, meet new people, try new experiences, and hopefully tick off a few things from my every-growing bucket list. 

   I always love to commemorate special moments like this, and having a space to actually do so makes me excited to look back on in years to come and see what young Meg thought of the future. I know for many this probably won't be thrilling to read, but for me it's important to remember moments like these as I enter a new stage and try to be more of an 'adult' (?) So far it's going well, I've bought my own washing basket, opened a new bank account and sorted a tax return, which to 15 year old Meg would only baffle. Don't get me wrong, I'm simply acting like I know what I'm doing, as that is my forté after all - But I guess that's how most young adults manage, right?


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