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   In my make up history, the only translucent powder I have ever used was the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder back when I first started out with make up. Since then I mostly used powder foundations to set my make up as I found it to perfect my skin and last a little longer from the extra coverage. However after the whole strobe and baked make up trend I thought I would give this a go from Laura Mercier, after first seeing their powders being used by Amanda Steele. She uses the loose brightening powder from Laura Mercier under her eyes, but for me loose powders always seem like too much of a fuss, so a pressed version appealed to me much more.

   When I first saw this it was a little scary, as the pure white colour reminded me of some old-school Hollywood film make up that you would only see in the movies. This is what makes it perfect for baking, or for pale-skinned girls like me, could even be used as an everyday setting powder. The baking technique seemed foreign at first, however after a few tries I think I began to nail it. Once applying my foundation and concealer, I took my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge, and using it slightly damp pressed the powder under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on my chin. These are the parts of the face you usually want to highlight, and let the powder sit for a few minutes to 'bake' the make up. After this I'd take a fluffy brush and swipe away any extra powder left, just to make sure everything is nicely blended. 

   The benefit's to using this powder was that my concealer definitely lasted longer, and I hardly ever powdered my face again after, making this a great technique if you're planning on a full day ahead or a big night out. However I will say that if you use flash photography, beware of the flashback and white under eyes if used too heavily, as I've seen with many girls pictures. As a first product from Laura Mercier I would definitely recommend this if you're interested in baking your make up, or wanting a high-end powder that's good quality and actually works at brightening your complexion, as it's finely milled and so doesn't feel too heavy. I'll most likely be checking out Mercier's other mineral powders in the future, as the brand seems slightly underrated but definitely worth the money in my opinion.

The Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder retails at £26


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