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08:29Meg Riley

   The fairy giftmother is back, and this time I have just a little DIY for you (if you even want to call it that, perhaps more of a lazy-girl-DIY) I love writing these types of posts as gift giving has become something of an addiction to me, even recently giving my mum's birthday present 2 weeks too early. For this idea, I'd wanted to personalise a tote bag, as the friend who I was giving this to had a staple tote that she would always bring out with her, and so I thought a new one to start her collection was a perfect plan. My initial thought was to buy a plain tote bag and then personalise with badges and sew on patches. However due to lack of time, I had to find a shortcut that still looked cute but was also still affordable; which I think I managed to achieve.

   For the tote bag itself I found this great lil find from B&M Bargains with the quote 'Fill me with pretty things' across the front. There were other phrases but I thought this was most fitting to the friend I was giving this to.  Despite the low price, the quality of the bag is amazingly thick so I think it's going to be perfect for her weekly food shops when she starts university. It's also larger than your standard tote, so that means more room for pretty things. In fact I'll definitely be going back to purchase one for myself, as it's practical yet still looks good with most outfits. My next hunt was for some pins or badges to add to the bag in order to make it more special as a gift. A great find were some from Topshop, with this pin set being half price in the sale, along with some padded stickers too. I was concerned whether the stickers would actually be able to hold with the canvas bag, so I only stuck one of them on along with some PVA, and left the rest so my friend could stick them onto notebooks, diaries ect. Alongside these I also found a steal at the tills of Waterstones, with some cute badges for only 99p each. I chose this 'Book Worm' one as I thought it was fitting for her since she loves a good book, as well as this 'Cat Lady' pin from Sighh; which is a brand we've loved for so long, and was definitely suited to my friend. Of course with any pins and badges they don't have to be kept on the tote bag, you can pin them to denim jackets or other clothing to give them a personalised edge.

   As an extra little gift I also knew that my friend loves tea, especially fruit teas when looking through her Instagram (non-stalker style tho). When looking for a bag in B&M Bargains I also found this adorable, mason jar, ceramic mug; which again I thought would be nice for her to take to university, and would work nicely with the Twinings Fruit Tea Selection I'd bought her. This was actually a bargain, and I'm gutted I didn't get one for myself, as when I got to the tills it turns out this was only 50p! Crazy. I guess what I'm trying to prove here, and with any of my gift ideas posts, is that you can always create a special gift no matter what the budget or situation, and I think with this idea it's an easy one to personalise for the person as well! Any items that I can find I'll leave linked below as always, but I hope this has been some inspiration for you, and that next time you're struggling for gift ideas then I can be of some assistance.


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  1. Great DIY ideas! I really enjoyed reading your post. :)

  2. The personalised tote bag is such a good idea!! Will definitely be trying this out for my friends birthday. Would love if you could check out my new post? X

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Ah thank you, and of course I will lovely!