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   Between me and my mum, we're both equal lovers of beauty trends, and when we saw the new clay mask range from L'Oreal Paris, we were both pretty smitten on the idea. It was only recently that I realised the multi-mask trend had become a 'thing' and that using multiple face masks for different parts of the face were becoming more popular - And had now been made for the drugstore buyer, hallelujah. Also just a disclaimer, this post is not #spons I simply just love a good face mask, and so me and my mum decided to use some gift vouchers and grab the collection. At our first attempt, the grey charcoal mask had sold out, meaning the collection was incomplete and so I'd wanted to hold back on this post until I had them all to show you. To look at, for a drugstore face mask these are pretty luxurious, with the glass packaging and pretty, mint green lid with L'Oreal embossed on the top. 

   I also love the variations of masks themselves, my favourite being the grey Detox Mask, as I've used similar styles of masks before from The Body Shop. There's definite comparisons between this and the Seaweed Mask from the Body Shop, however this one from L'Oreal does dry a lot quicker, and I feel as though it looks like it's doing something from the bubble effect left on my skin when dried. This mask is meant to detoxify and clarify the skin, and so I tend to use this on my T-Zone as the charcoal element is great for oil control and my oily / combination skin. Others in the range include the green Purity Mask which has Eucalyptus extract that is known for it's purifying properties, similar to The Body Shop's Tea Tree Mask. Again, I like to use this on my T-Zone as it mattifies, however this takes slightly longer to dry as it's more creamy in formulation. And lastly there's the Glow Mask with Red Algae extract. Now this was a new concept to me as the mask has small beads which exfoliate the skin, and in doing so removes dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. This is perfect for the cheek and forehead area, as with any highlighter you want to focus on the high points of your face - Or that's the way I look at it anyway. 

   As with all of these masks, despite L'Oreal suggesting 10 uses from each pot, I must say you could easily get double the use of out a pot this size, or even more depending on how frequently you use a face mask. A little definitely goes a long way with this stuff, so for the price it's an absolute bargain. Each mask also has a blend of three different clays, Koalin: Known to absorb impurities and excess sebum (a fancy word for oil) Montmorillonite: Rich in minerals to help eliminate imperfections, and Ghassoul: Renowned to help clarify complexion. To use these masks, I like to use a small, flat foundation brush and apply a little at a time to clean skin. Of course avoid the eyes and lip area, then leave for 5-10 mins before removing with a wet towel, muslin cloth, or just some warm water. Now L'Oreal recommend using these 2-3 times a week, which I thought was too frequent, but I'm going to try it out and let you know if I notice any major changes to my skin. Overall though, I think it's great that a high-end feeling product has been marketed for the drugstore, and that younger users can also try these without breaking the bank too much. I would've loved these when I was starting to become adventurous with skincare, and I'm beginning to see why people are liking the multi-mask trend so much!

L'Oreal Paris Clay Masks RRP £5.00

You can buy online or check out your local Boots store!


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  1. Great review! It sounds like something that I would purchase since I'm a fan of clay masks too. :)