09:53Meg Riley

   For some, the thought of birthdays can be stressful, especially when it comes to buying a gift for the person. But for me, I think it's pretty much the best part, and I like to say that I pride myself in gift giving. Recently it was one of my best friend's 18th birthday, and so I began planning in advance of some things that I associate with her or that I know she truly loves. My first thought that came to mind, was that she was about to start a new job in September, and that she's very much a business woman in the making. That's why I knew for sure that I wanted to get the book #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, as a little inspo for her new job and all of her business endeavours in the next few years. When thinking back to our high school days, I also remember that we would always talk about her being a modern business woman with her briefcase and coffee like you would see in the movies (think Devil Wears Prada style) And so I thought it would be handy to get her a thermal cup, and this one from The Range is absolutely adorable. Of course it does the job, but also looks super pretty and has a little inspirational quote to keep her motivated - What's not to love?!

   Now personally, I love a gift that is lots of little gifts, and so for the next 'little gift' I knew that I wanted to get something Leonardo DiCaprio related, as we've both had an obsession with him ever since I can remember. After searching long and hard on the internet, I came across an Etsy store that sold hand-drawn cards, particularly one with an image of DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, which is probably one of our fave shared movies. Once I got this I immediately remembered that we would always listen to The Great Gatsby soundtrack in her car, especially Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. Therefore it was only right that I get her the CD soundtrack! 

   Of course it wouldn't be a gift if I didn't do a little DIY, and after scrolling through Zoe Sugg's blog, I remembered her tutorial on these glass pictures frames, which allows you to press whatever you like inside. After searching online for the best deal, I found the cheapest to be this frame from The Range, which I may order again for myself because I love the idea of this! I then went ahead and bought some additional decorations from The Range; which FYI has the best arts and crafts section that 10-year-old Meg would've died for. In the end I limited myself and began crafting the bits and pieces together. Additionally, I printed off some old pictures of me and my friends for some Polaroid frames that I'd bought separately, as well as a Girl Boss image to pay a nice little homage to the book, and our fave quote from The Great Gatsby too. Like always I'll try and leave everything linked below if you're interested, but once everything was put together, I must admit it looked pretty damn good. If you're struggling for a gift idea then this is brilliant and hardly breaks the bank, as well as it being sentimental as you can easily personalise this depending on the person.

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