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   If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you'll know that throughout the years I've changed my hair style and colour quite a few times now. I like to think of myself as a bit of a hair fanatic, always changing up my hair as I can become bored easily, so I thought it was about time that I show you how I became a blondie from a brunette. About a year or so ago I remember wanting to dye my hair blonde after seeing celeb hair colours like Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and even as light as Lou Teasdale (who I've had hair envy of for a major long time). I'd researched again and again, watching YouTube videos, reading other blogs, and knowing the ins and outs of bleaching my hair before it came to actually committing. During the research period, the only method I found of dying hair blonde was using an all over bleach and developing the colour from a brunette, to ginger, to yellow and then toned to achieve a blonde. However when it came to my first hairdresser consultation, they said that it wouldn't be possible, and perhaps blonde wasn't for me. I was then offered dip-dye, which I'd had in the past before, and with the power of persuasion I went with it. After coming home I realised what a big mistake I had made, as I'd wasted money and was nowhere nearer to becoming a blondie. 

   So, my first piece of advice would be that if you want to go blonde and you're certain of it, then tell the hairdresser that! Because I was too scared to put my foot down and would've ended up wasting more money on dip-dye. Of course for some that may be an option if you're a first-timer to bleaching, however for me I was well aware of what my hair could handle as I'd been dying my hair since I was 13 years old. And so, after that fiasco I re-consulted with a new hairdresser who knew exactly what I wanted (Hallelujah!) and so she suggested having a full head of foils. Now, if you're wanting to commit in becoming a blonde then I'd recommend using this method as opposed to at-home bleaching; which trust me, I've tried and failed at. This is because the result is a lot more natural, as my hairdresser uses a weaving technique as opposed to a slit technique, and so this meant my roots grew back blended as opposed to the block-style root growth. Of course it's also a lot easier for a professional to do it, and you don't have the extra hassle and mess.

   Before my first head of foils my hair condition was pretty healthy I suppose, I used hair masks as often as I needed, conditioned and used heat protectant before using styling tools. As for the colour, it's clear from the images below that my dip-dye had faded massively, and had become more of a natural ombré with some highlights from past salon visits. At the roots you can also see that my natural hair colour is pretty dark and had some red tones running through it, which would obviously cause a problem for the cool, ash tone that I wanted to achieve. 

   And so after a first full head of foils I managed to achieve the blonde below. Even my hairdresser was surprised to see how well this had picked up on my hair, and so was I! The trick I think she used here was a very light bleach, concentrating and bringing it down to the tips of my hair, and most importantly LOTS of foils - To the point where you could potentially pick up a satellite signal. After a shampoo, conditioner and a standard blonde toner, it was clear that my natural hair had picked up the bleach very well to an almost grey shade (I should also point out that my salon at the time used L'Oreal products). As for the ends of my hair, the existing dip-dye meant that it hadn't lightened as dramatically, meaning their were some warm tones left, although with the progress made I was happy enough. Of course with just one head of foils this didn't mean a was a full, thorough blonde as of yet, as some of my roots were still dark and I wanted the warm tones banished. 

   After my first full head of foils I would then go ahead and continue with a half head of foils, meaning that I could fix my roots and ask to bring the bleach down further to also lighten the ends a little at a time. After bleaching twice I found my hair to be lightening nicely, however there was then the case of wanting to become a blonde that was slightly grey in tone. For this my salon offered a grey toner which was left on my hair after bleaching, which gradually did change the tone of my hair, becoming a cooler ash rather than a warm gold blonde - As I thought this suited my pale complexion more. Below you can see the slight grey tones that had begun to come through, yet some of my natural brunette colour also remained which looked slightly more natural. It was at this time that I also began to cut more of my hair off, which I think benefited the condition, as the dead, bleached ends where no longer there to make my mane look frizzy and dry. Instead with a good chop, and a lot of conditioning, I managed to maintain the blonde whilst also keeping my hair strong and healthy. I knew this because my hairdresser would commend me on my hair condition, so I must be doing something right.

   Of course, after seeing the tones of grey more distinctively in my hair, I became a little obsessed with the shade and wanted to carry on using a grey toner after my foils. My salon at this time however had changed brands, and now used Wella products; which I had used before and knew that my hair would be alright with this. And so I tried their version of a grey toner which worked amazingly well, and definitely gave me the cool-toned, grey locks that I'd been adoring ever since my discovery of Lou Teasdale. As an additional good measure, I also wanted a pretty good chop off the ends again, this time having a blunt cut just above my shoulders as inspired by Lucy Hale. I must say this haircut was something of a godsend, it meant that styling was so much easier, and washing and drying my thick hair was a breeze. I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive of this style, as my round face can sometimes be an issue, but I thought 'Well, if Lucy Hale can do it, so can I!' I also think that even though my hair had become slightly thinner from bleaching, I still had a lot of it, meaning I had the volume that was needed for this style.

   Now with lightening your hair, you're also going to have to cope with root growth, as obviously your hair grows 24/7 no matter how fast or how slow. That's why I would also recommend only going blonde if you know you can cope with numerous visits to the salon and the money to maintain your blonde. Although, I will say that for me it hasn't been too much of a problem, as my salon has pretty reasonable prices - Depending on how much bleach is used and if I can have a cheeky student discount. When my roots began to grow through, it was then I realised how dark my natural hair colour was, and as shown below contrasted quite heavily with my new grey-toned blonde. However unless my hair was tied up, my roots didn't seem too bad and could be made to look quite natural with a little jujj. I'd now left my hair without going to the salon for almost 4 months, mostly due to exams and other priorities, and so about a week ago I finally admitted defeat and booked myself in for another full head of foils. 

   From my latest salon visit, I'd told my usual hairdresser (who I've had since she did my first full head of foils) that I now wanted to go more platinum so I could experiment with different coloured toners at home. Plus, I'm also a massive fan of J Lawrence and her new platinum look at the moment. Like always she knew what I wanted, and so she got to work on my full head of foils, using the lightest bleach they had to really lighten my roots and ends. She then used one of the platinum toners from L'Oreal after, as well as my usual blonde shampoo and conditioner, leaving me with the image shown below on the right. As you can see, the bleach didn't pick up as well on my roots, as seen previously from my first salon trip, however I think this may be because I had left it so long without bleaching, meaning my roots probably need another half head of foils to top them up. As for the ends I was really happy with the results, achieving this white blonde at the very ends which is perfect for coloured toners or semi-permanent crazy colours. I did actually have my eye on a peachy pink toner which I may have to try out next time, so expect more to come (as always) with my hair updates.

   To conclude this journey in becoming a bleach babe, a few things I will say just to re-cap is A) Research research research into what you want / what state your hair is in before you commit to bleaching B) Start with a full head of foils and continue with that until you build a blonde you're happy with, then continue with half a head to re-touch roots C) Haircare is everything! Using the right shampoos, conditioners and treatments is vital for maintaining your blonde and getting the most out of it. I'll be posting a haircare routine following on from this soon, so make sure to keep up to date with posts - And if you have any questions at all, then please feel free to comment below!


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  1. I love the bleach blonde look, your hair looks in great condition and very healthy,I would love to go platinum but I have a afro so it would be quite hard to manage but i'm going to try extentions,



    1. Aw thank you so much! Your hair is so beautiful, I've always loved that style :)