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04:18Meg Riley

   On Saturday afternoons my mum has begun taking a trip to our local farm shop, and so this week I thought I would join her and pick up a few things too. I think supporting local farm produce is such a lovely thing, and despite some of the slightly higher prices for branded items, their fresh fruit and veg is definitely a lot cheaper, and of course fresher than most supermarkets. The farm shop we go to is only small but offers a great variety of fresh produce, including some amazing looking fruit teas which I did eye-up and may have to pick up next time! But for this trip I couldn't resist a cold-pressed juice for breakfast, and so I picked up this one from Savse Smoothies (@savsesmoothies) called Protein Punch, which I love as it's based from one of my fave cocktails, a piƱa colada. Probably one of my favourite juices I've had in a long time, I'll definitely be re-purchasing when I visit again next week. Keeping on the coconut theme I also picked up a fresh coconut, which once I returned home realised I would need a meat clever to open. But my mum managed to crack it open with a screwdriver and a hammer (of course I wasn't trusted) and surprisingly I liked it. I've tried coconut water in the past and found it to be an acquired taste, but once I'd left it for a little while, it began to taste more like coconut milk and a lot sweeter.

   Near the snack foods me and my mum then noticed these Hummus Chips from a brand called Eat Real, which I know they began selling at my college before I left (typical I know). I chose the tomato and basil flavour, and I must say these are pretty damn good. The fact that they're vegan, gluten free and all that healthy stuff makes me feel a bit better too. For your money you do get quite a big packet, and in terms of flavour they don't taste bland or bleak as what some vegan food is perceived to be. As not a great lover of crisps, I'd happily eat these again and again. As a last minute purchase I also got this Camembert cheese since I've never actually tried it, and after seeing Zoella always baking up one of these, I couldn't resist. Along with some crusty bread to dip, I found this to have a creamy taste, but I also added some garlic and seasoning for taste which just made it that more awesome.


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  1. local farmshops are actually my favourite thing ever. i live in the city wo whenever i visit my parents i buy local products from the shops around her.

    1. Ah me too, it's always worth venturing out for!