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11:07Meg Riley

   Like a traditional Brit, the first sight of warm weather came the first Pimm's of the summer. And so the other week me and a few friends got together for a catch-up in the sunshine, along with a few drinks and of course accompanying nibbles - Or in our case, a trip to the shops ending with two full carrier bags and a rather large receipt. Apparently the other week was meant to be as hot as Hawaii, which I would've believed as we had to shelter ourselves in the shade most of the time and constantly re-apply cooling spray. But of course I couldn't complain, and spent the afternoon eating endless amounts of Doritos and catching up with the best people since we'd all left college! 

   As for my attire for the day, I must admit that I was slightly unprepared for the heat, as recently I've had a not-so-little clear out of my wardrobe (which you can check out HERE). Even my friends were surprised how I coped in my OOTD, as they were prepared in their shorts and shirts. Although during the summertime I'm not one for baring all, as for a few years I've not been that confident to expose my pale legs to the world. That's why I decided to go for my usual summery flares with a basic t-shirt and a choker; which has been a recent purchase and was a great bargain as a dupe for the ones as seen on Lily Melrose and Megan Ellaby, who I take serious style inspo. from at all times. As always I've left any OOTD information below if you're interested, and I hope that you've also enjoyed the sunshine - After all, it's a rarity to witness it in the UK.

T-Shirt - Forever 21
Suede Wrap Choker Necklace - eBay
Floral Flared Trousers - H&M
Slip-on Shoes - Vans
Sunglasses - Topshop


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