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   Within my make up routine, most of the time I keep it pretty simple, but mascara is a main priority no matter how little make up I'm wearing that day. That's why most of the time I like to play around with different mascaras, and at the beginning of the year I began trying out this Volume Effect Mascara from YSL. As a brand, I've tried the YSL Babydoll mascara in the past which I wrote another review about HERE, and with the brand you know you're going to get a luxury product. This obviously shows with the packaging, with it's gold metal casing and YSL embellishment on the tube, making the product look even more expensive and recognisable as a classic YSL mascara. Of course because of the brand you pay for the quality, and so this probably isn't the best choice for someone who's not really bothered about mascara and doesn't want to pay a lot. 

   As for the product itself, the formula at first was quite wet and smudged easily before it dried if I wasn't too careful. It was also a pure black shade which intensified the volume it gave my lashes, creating a liner effect if packed on enough. The brush is made up of lots and lots of fibres which is what you want for volume and creating the effect of lots of lashes; which is what I lack a lot of the time. However after a few uses I lost some of the length that it gave my lashes, meaning they looked fuller, but because there was no length it didn't look like I was wearing any mascara. Of course for some, perhaps this is what you want, however for me I prefer volume and length in a mascara. Nevertheless it became part of my everyday make up routine, but surprisingly after only a month or two, it had dried up already and I had to move on. Although with my last YSL mascara I had a similar situation, so perhaps the amount of product you get is a problem. As a product to recommend, I would perhaps suggest this if you're willing to pay the price, however I think there are much better mascaras from YSL and so for that reason I won't be re-purchasing myself.


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