Happy Saturday everyone! If you do celebrate then I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend last week, and enjoyed a few cheeky Easter eggs too. If you're like me then you'll still have eggs left over in summer, I don't know why I just can't eat large amounts of chocolate like some people i.e. my little brother. But I do enjoy baking with chocolate, and so with some of my own stash I thought I would try out these Easter nest cakes. I'd first heard of these from Zoe Sugg a year ago or so, and when I saw her recent video full of Easter treats HERE, I knew I had to finally try these for myself!

   The recipe itself is super easy, consisting of only two ingredients (plus some decorations like I did with these Mini Eggs) Making these with little ones would be great, but obviously if you are young then you'll need an adult to handle the boiling water when melting your chocolate using a bain marie. If you want a quick, simple way of baking then this is definitely for you, and they do look fun if you use colourful decorations and cupcake cases. As for taste, I'd probably choose a Rice Krispie cake over this, but I'll also agree with Zoe that they taste super yummy nevertheless!


200g Chocolate (I went with classic Cadbury's)
4 Shredded Wheat Biscuits
Mini Eggs for topping


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