One of my all-time favourite chocolate bars since I was little has been a Caramac, which I think is just caramel flavoured chocolate, but I always remember this being a rare treat because it was always hard to find places that sold them. However recently I think they've become more popular since they started selling them at our supermarket, and so obviously my mama stocked up on them for me, and I thought I would make use of them and create some Caramac cupcakes. These are a simple chocolate cupcake, but without the chocolate being too sickly, topped with your classic vanilla butter cream icing, a drizzle of chocolate and of course a Caramac piece! The reviews were all positive, my dad saying that they were delicious, so I take that highly with my dad being the main taste-tester for everything I bake. 


100g (4oz) Margarine
150g (5oz) Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
150g (5oz) Self-raising Flour
3 Tablespoons Milk
3 Tablespoons Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid

(For the Icing)

100g (4oz) Softened Butter
225g (80z) Icing Sugar
1 Tablespoon Milk
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract


Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid


1. Pre-heat oven to 180°c / Fan 160°c / Gas 4, and using a 6-hole muffin tin, place muffin cases inside. These muffins tins help to keep the shape as they bake, creating an American-style cupcake instead of your normal, slightly flatter fairy cake.

2. With your measured ingredients, combine the margarine and sugar until smooth and slightly lighter in colour. After that add the eggs and vanilla extract until you get a smooth mixture, I used a Kitchen Aid but mixing by hand will work just as well, it will obviously just take longer.

3. To this add the self-raising flour to thicken the mixture, then add the milk which should thin it down slightly and create your perfect cupcake batter. Of course you could leave this here for vanilla cupcakes, but for the chocolate version simply squeeze in some of the Choc Shot with as much or as little as you like. 

4. You'll then want to scoop in the mixture to the muffin cases, for this I found using an ice-cream scoop left me with 6 even cupcakes. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 20-25 mins until risen and golden, then leaving to cool completely on a wire rack before icing.

5. For the butter cream icing you simply combine all of the ingredients and ice the top of your cooled cupcake, decorating as you like!

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