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   I've been meaning to write a full post on these for a long time, in fact since I stopped using them last year, but we'll soon come to that. I guess I should start from the beginning when I was given these last Christmas as a present from my mum and dad, and I was so grateful because they knew I'd been needing a pair of good earphones for a while. When I saw the brand I was so excited, purely because they're so hyped about and you always tend to see Beats being promoted in numerous music videos, on television, in films ect. However disaster no.1 struck when my mum actually said that although she was given the box and all the components inside, the actual earphones themselves were missing, and had most likely been taken by someone who works in the shop - but I guess that isn't a fault of the brand, but the shop that they were bought from. And so after my earphones were eventually replaced, I began using them with my iPod, phone, laptop, you know the basic devices. The sound quality was quite good, a clean, crisp sound and good bass when listening to music. So I would use these pretty much everyday at college and at home, and from December till around May everything was fine.

   It was then the earphones began to play up, with the sound quality not being as clear, and me having to wiggle the cable to hear sound at all. It had been less than 6 months and they were already braking! My brother's did the exact same thing around about the same time too, and it got to the point were no sound was coming out at all. And so I gave up on the Beats hype and went back to my trusty, cheap Gummy earphones from ASDA, as they seem to last just as long for a quarter of the price. I did go back sometimes and try to fix them, even considering taking them to a shop to get them fixed since I'd heard Beats have a guarantee on their products. But after some internet research, what had happened to my earphones happens to most, and there didn't seem to be any way to fix them. Although I must not say all bad things about these earphones, apart from the great sound, the appearance of these are adorable in this pastel pink shade that I love. Of course you have the optional buttons on the side too for play / pause and a microphone for phone calls. Inside the box there is also a little zip-up pouch for them, with the option of different ear buds if you want. With this shape of ear bud, I'd never liked this style and always seemed to hate the feeling of them not completely fitting inside my ear. However after a few days I found that these were comfy, and that they didn't fall out of my ears as much as I thought they would. Compared to your standard, Apple earphones, I do prefer these, simply because I find that my ears hurt quite a bit with the ones from Apple due to the shape.

   Overall, would I get again? Perhaps not, since it seems to be the branding itself that gives this product it's reputation for me. Of course the sound is good and they look pretty, but if they only last a few months then it's definitely a waste of money. I felt terrible because I knew that my mum and dad had spent a lot on these, but in the short amount of time that I did use them, they were great to have. However my friend has also had a pair too and her's are still going strong, so perhaps it has something to do with how much you use them. I hope I've been able to give you some insight to the world of Beats, whether you're thinking about purchasing them or have simply wondered what the hype was about. If you have any additions to this product then please leave them below in the comments, I always love hearing from you!


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