It would seem that it has been a while since I last did one of these posts, and so I thought it was about time I gave you some of my recent loves on Netflix that perhaps you may be interested in or have never heard of before. It's probably my favourite form of relaxation, having a bath, watching Netflix, eating mash potato - you know, you're normal quiet night in. And over the past few months or so I've been loving TV shows, simply because all of my faves have started again and so my weekday nights have just gotten better! But I've also re-kindled my love for a few films, as well as discovering some new little gems through the Netflix archives.

H O W   I   M E T   Y O U R   M O T H E R   ( S E A S O N  9 )

   Now I've been a big fan of this show since my friend Roslyn first introduced it to me some years back. It falls along the lines of your typical American, comedy TV show, however the characters in this are just brilliant. If you've never heard of this before, then basically a character called Ted Mosby is explaining to his children how he met their mother (you never would have guessed) and sadly came to an end on season 9, where I had tears of both sadness and happiness which is why I've been constantly re-watching this season in particular. This show really is amazing, plus since each episode is only 20 minutes, you have an excuse to watch even more of it.

B R O O K L Y N   N I N E - N I N E

   Another American comedy is this show right here, this time focusing on the NYPD in a totally different light. I first began watching this only a few weeks ago, and in no time I was already caught up to the American release of the new episodes, and ever since have been hooked. I'll be honest, I took a slight fancy to Andy Samberg who plays Jake Peralta in the show, simply because his character is so stupidly funny that you can't not fall in love. I also had no idea that so many of my friends have been watching this too, and that it actually shows on E4 in the UK if you don't have Netflix! Overall it's a great, easy watch if you simply want a giggle, and I guarantee that you will become addicted.

T H E   H E L P

   Now onto the films! And as for The Help, I've watched this countless times, but thought to include it in my top picks because it's a great film that should be recognised more. Not only does it star Emma Stone who is one of my fave actresses, but also sets itself in one of my fave eras, the 1960s. The film focuses on an important historical issue of black women being made to be 'the help' for higher-class, white women, and is an interesting insight to what it was like in America at the time. There's also a lovely balance of humour and sadness, as the plot features an array of characters with different backgrounds. For a good watch about great women, check this out.

A N C H O R M A N   2

   A very different film now is the sequel to Anchorman, rightfully named Anchorman 2. I'm pretty sure most people will have seen this or at least know of it, as it stars such names as Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, James Marden - Even cameos from Drake, Will Smith, Kanye West, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey, Amy Peohler (Do you reckon that's enough?) Such a classic comedy in my eyes, and anything Will Ferrell stars in I love anyway, so these films are a go-to whenever I want a film to cheer me up.

P A L O   A L T O

   Finally, on a different wave length entirely, I have this indie, teen film that I've heard great things about in the past, so I thought it was only right to give it a chance. After watching I definitely agreed that it wasn't your 'typical' mainstream film, and is probably a mature teen film since it features topics like drugs and sex. The raw cinematography was amazing, which is why I think it helped when portraying the realistic life of a teenager. I can see why it's a much-loved, indie film now, and I would perhaps recommend this, as long as you're not looking for an easy watch with a clear resolution. 

If you guys have any Netflix picks then be sure to leave them below!


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