Blogging Life



   Since I'm going to be pretty busy this week I thought I would write this post in advance, as on the 22nd of February it will have been 3 whole years since I first posted on this blog. It's kinda crazy how 3 years has flown by, and it's made me realise that a lot has happened since then, not just in my life but also on this blog. It started for me as just something I would try out since I've always had diaries when being younger, and as I became a teenager I guess this became my own little virtual diary. A few years later and I'm now 18, heading into adulthood and the rest of my life, and this blog has allowed me to publish all of my memories as being a young teenager all in one place for me to look back on. Whether it's my thoughts, my style, or my music taste, I will be able to see all of these things that have made me happy whilst being a teenager, and reminisce about how awful my choice of lipstick was. But if future Meg is reading this, then I hope that whoever and whatever is in her life, that she's happy too - and whether she's met Jennifer Lawrence yet?! 

   As for The Life of Riley (That's me) I didn't really expect many people to read my posts, let alone enjoy them and want to follow for more! And so that's why I also wanted to thank everyone who does, whether you've just turned up now or have been there since the days of bad picture quality and html coding. The community blogging has brought is amazing, and something that I feel very special to be a part of. If you have a blog then you'll know the enjoyment of creating posts, sharing your thoughts and having your own little place to be yourself. And if you don't have a blog, then you should definitely join us! Or just chill along with us, that's cool too. Right now 3 years seem like a long time, but I guess when I think about it, in another 3 years I'll be 21 and hitting another milestone in my life. These next few years are definitely going to be important for me, and hopefully very special. It's going to be a nervy and exciting journey, but whatever happens I'll be sure to keep you in the loop with this blog, and sharing my life with every milestone to come. Thank you all, much love as always, Meg.


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