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   As one of my favourite beauty brands, Benefit have always stayed in my make up collection, and this product right here has been one of my favourite mascaras since I bought my first one for my high school prom back in 2014. That same tube is actually shown below, which proves that it lasts you forever, although it's probably not too good to use now as it's dried up and become dirty. The product itself is more on the higher-end of make up, which means it costs a little more than your usual drugstore mascara, however personally I think it's worth the money as a make up staple. This mascara also comes in the original size and a mini-travel tube which you can get in gift sets or buy separately now which I think is great for younger girls who want to experience a higher-end product, and handy to slip in your make up bag. 

   As for the actual product, the jet-black colour looks amazing on the eyes, although you can now get so many more colours - including brown for a more natural look, or even electric blue and green if you're feeling adventurous. The wand with this mascara has plastic bristles and has a lots of little spikes at the tip of the wand, making it easier to tilt the wand vertically and reaching those lashes in the inner corner. For the application, I tend to use a wiggling motion to give my lashes the length and volume this mascara gives. I've had so many complements from wearing this over the past year, and you can always tell when I switch back to this as it just gives such great length for me that lasts. In fact some people have said this lasts so well that it takes a while to get off, and I must agree, but with a good soak of some micellar water and a cotton pad, I've found it to be rather easy. If you're looking for a dramatic look this can definitely be achieved with this mascara, as well as a natural look with one coat, or the grunge-like, 90s spider lashes too with a couple of coats. Overall I think it's a good investment and I will most likely re-purchase when I've used up some other mascaras in my ever-growing collection.

You can buy They're Real Mascara from your nearest Boots and Debenhams store, or online from these stores and Benefit's own website.

Full-size £19.50

Travel-size £9.95


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  1. I love They're Real! There's so much volume in one mascara!! Xoxo

    1. So many people love it too!

      Meg ♡