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   Surprisingly enough, for this empties post I have mostly make up items since I'm currently trying my best to use up old products before cracking open new ones that I got for Christmas - although I must admit the temptation is unbearable. With some of these products I have already re-purchased the ones I love, although there are some that I may not for a while, just because I have other products that I'm trying out right now.

GinZing Moisturiser // Origins
   If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll know that this moisturiser has been in my skincare routine for some time, in fact the whole GinZing range has just because it's so fresh and light. And this moisturiser is no different, as it's light consistency is great in the mornings before applying make up since it sinks in quickly and doesn't feel oily on my skin. The citrus scent is also appealing to me in the mornings, but for some it may be a little too sweet. I did re-purchase this before, however right now I'm on to the Tea Tree range from the Body Shop, so I'll report back if it's any good or even better than this.

Hello Flawless Foundation // Benefit Cosmetics
   This little bottle came in a gift set last year, and so I thought it was about time I used this up since I only had a little bit left anyway. I'll be honest I didn't find it too great for my oily skin, but I did like the dewy effect it left and the medium coverage it gave me with just one layer. 

Wake Me Up Concealer (Ivory) // Rimmel London
   I've used this concealer now for quite some time, and have even converted my mum and nan to using this stuff too. It's a very light concealer in my opinion, so you may want a heavier concealer for unruly spots, but for under my eyes this feels weightless yet covers well for me - although I don't think that I have particularly bad dark under eye circles. I obviously have the lightest shade, so I guess it doesn't really brighten my eyes as it should with others, but I do love the natural look of this on my skin.

Colorstay Foundation for Oily / Combination Skin (Buff) // Revlon
   It's been a while since I used this, as I basically tried to scrape what was left from the lid a few weeks back. But back in the day I was obsessed with this foundation, and is probably one of my all-time favourites from the drugstore. The shade here is yellow-toned so it's great to cover redness, and the coverage was quite heavy to what I normally go for, but I thought that it left a flawless demi-matte finish. Plus, since it's meant for oily / combination skin, I didn't have to powder as often as I normally do, as it stayed matte for hours on end when I was in college. But don't worry, they also have a version for dry and normal skin too!

BB Cream // The Body Shop
   With this product I kind of had a love-hate relationship, in the way that I loved the convenience of this product, however the colour was just not suited to me. The thought of this BB cream appealed to me as it applies as a white cream, but when blended would become the shade on your skin tone. However since I'm rather pale, the lightest shade still wasn't light enough, which I found with other BB creams that I've tried too - including Rimmel London and Benefit cosmetics. I guess BB creams are just too orange-toned for me, and so when using the last of this I had to bronze up my neck and chest quite a bit. Of course with BB cream your are going to get a light coverage, but I loved the dewy effect it left on the skin, and would be perfect for on holiday.

Thermal Detox Mask // Sanctuary Spa
   Recently I've also been loving charcoal masks, including this one from Sanctuary Spa which has been one of my faves as it heats up on your skin. I actually have a full blog post on this product if you want to check it out HERE, where I explain a bit more in depth and a little demonstration on how I like to use it.

Intense Volume Mascara // No.7 Cosmetics
   Finally I have here one of my first mascaras ever, which definitely means I should have thrown it out a while back. I remember featuring this in one of my first posts on this blog, and thought it was great as my first 'proper' mascara. I think this would be good for a beginner as the wand it quite long making it easy to apply and control, plus the finish is very natural in my opinion, not too dramatic in length but still giving some volume and colour to the lashes.


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