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   I'm back! And with even more products to share with you that I've managed to use up over the past few months. A problem of mine is that I tend to use new products as soon as I buy them, and then realise that I have a box full of older products that need using up asap. So I took it to myself last week to organise my old products, and now I have a good pile of them that I'm using up ready to review for you all on this blog. But anyway, for this empties post I feel like I've been using a lot of different hair products, and finding out which of those my hair loves and I would re-purchase.


   Generally I'm a massive fan of VO5 as a hair brand, and I've stuck to their products for the past few years. With this backcombing spray it's perfect for underneath the hair at the roots, as it gives your hair volume without it feeling sticky like a hairspray, as this is a dry spray. I also love this for giving my hair texture after straightening, as sometimes my hair can look limp and lifeless, and by spraying this throughout and roughing up the ends, it gives a great textured look.


   Over the past few months I've re-kindled my love for this stuff, but for some reason I can only manage to get it from Superdrug. The product itself is basically a conditioner that you leave in your hair after shampooing and towel drying. I tend to use this in the weekdays when I only have time to quickly shampoo my hair, and so I'll spray this throughout my hair (focusing on the ends mostly) and then brushing this through and leaving it to dry naturally overnight. The scent isn't overpowering at all, with the honey being great for moisture, and since it's in this spray form there's no mess or fuss, and doesn't leave your hair feeling tacky either.


   I'll be honest, this product was just a little skincare splurge since I'd tried the original pore strips, and hoped it would solve my ongoing blackhead problem. Sadly after using all of the strips, I didn't really see a difference with the blackheads on my nose, but they did leave it feeling super soft and feeling cleansed. However I do prefer these to the original strips, as the black colour means you can see more clearly all of the crap you've taken out from your skin. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy these again, but if you are interest in the concept of the 'pore strips' then try out Boots' own brand of Witch Hazel and Tea Tree ones, as you might as well save a couple of quid.


   I think I've been using this product now for most of this year, and I'll continue to re-purchase this from now on as it's a skincare staple for me. I use this on cotton pads to remove my make up at night, and if I need to, as a toner in the mornings. I especially like to buy this one in the green packaging, as it's for combination / sensitive skin which is more suited to me, and means it's a lot gentler on the skin. For the price you also get a lot of product compared to other brands I've tried, so I only end up re-purchasing this every 2-3 months as it states you get 200 uses out of just one bottle.


   Another one of my favourite skincare brands is Origins, and even though it may be slightly pricier for the full size bottle, I think it's definitely worth the money as a little goes a long way here. Finally I've used up these little sample products after forgetting about them for a while, but with this charcoal mask, you can either apply this on your T-zone or all over your face for a deep cleanse. Once applied I then left this on until it completely dried and rinsed off afterwards. You only really need to use a face mask like this once a week as a treatment for your skin, and even though it didn't really abolish my blackheads completely, it did tighten my pores and left my skin feeling super soft. 


   The other little sample from Origins is this face mask; which is for those of you who suffer from dry or de-hydrated skin. I absolutely loved using this stuff, and so I was certainly gutted when I had to accept that it had all gone. With this it feels like more of a moisturiser than a face mask, and so I would apply this all over the face after cleansing and then leave on overnight as it recommended. In the morning it would then have soaked into the skin, and left a slight residue which I would then wash off by cleansing my skin again. After only one use I found that this left my skin feeling incredibly soft, and even though I have oily / combination skin, I felt that it was great to use once a week to make sure my skin stayed hydrated.


   Like the face mask samples, I was also reluctant to accept that this sample had been used up too. Now with this you can also buy the smaller version in gift sets from Benefit, but if you like you can also simply buy the full size as well. I don't know whether I'm as committed to this product yet, but in the future I probably would take the plunge. The primer itself is to be used before applying make up of course, and after your skincare and moisturiser. It does have a skin-tone colour to the product, but this doesn't transfer on to the skin, and has a blurring quality that covers your pores and creating a smooth base. Some may not like this as it could be slightly too thick for them, but I only used this on my T-zone anyway so it didn't feel uncomfortable. As a primer I definitely would recommend this as it does help your make up last longer and creates a flawless base.


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  1. I so wish we had Garnier Micellar water!!! I am so mad that the US doesn't have many affordable cleansing waters in stores. Hopefully I can find one soon because I'm kinda tired of my Simple one. (But, it'll always be a fave of mine). X

    Checkout my blog!

    1. The only ones that come to mind from the drugstore are Garnier, Simple and L'Oreal to be honest, but I'm sure more brands will jump on the hype soon!

      Meg ♡