Beauty Dupes



   After rooting around my lipstick collection I found another lil' dupe for you all, and so here I have my all-time favourite red lipstick which is M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo! This was actually my first lipstick from MAC and is my go-to bold lip colour. The shade itself is a pure post-box red, with a Hollywood glamour kinda feel to it, and I think it really suits my fair skin and green eyes. As for the finish, this is very a much an ultra-matte lipstick, so be prepared to prep with a lip scrub if you suffer from dry lips. Despite this I actually find it super easy to apply now, obviously this wasn't the case at first, but with practice you'll find that you go into auto-pilot when applying this lipstick. And of course with any high-end lipstick, this lasts me all day when applied first thing in the morning for college, and coming home at 4:30pm. However for those who aren't willing to pay for this, then I found a drugstore dupe for this shade in the form of this Rimmel London lipstick in '230 Red Fever.' This is a very old lipstick, in fact I'll probably be throwing this out, but the colour is a definite match and has a matte finish on the lips without feeling as drying as Ruby Woo. I'm not so sure whether this is available anymore from the Rimmel London collection, so I thought to also mention L'Oreal's Color Riche lipstick in '461 Scarlett Creme,' which is again that pure, Hollywood red shade, but has more of a glossy finish instead, for those who don't like matte lipsticks. I left some swatches down below if you want to check them out, but if you have anymore dupes you want to me investigate then leave them below!

(And if you haven't seen my last dupe for Creme Cup by MAC then click HERE)


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