I was going to be posting my usual beauty-type post today, but since it's the end of another year, I decided to simply write on this blog and just have a chat I guess - a rather one-sided chat of that, but still. Last night I'll be honest, there wasn't any crazy party or a wild all-nighter, instead a takeaway and movies (which may or may not have included Magic Mike XXL) I did have plans but after realising I was working today, I thought a night of rest would be better, yet instead here I am still feeling tired after my second cup of a coffee. Nevertheless, I did recap my year a little last night to myself, and to be honest it's not been the absolute best. This year there's going to be some big decisions made in my life, as I finish college and have to decide all thing uni orientated, or in my case a drama school that I can actually get in to. It's worrying and scary all at the same time, and sometimes I do have doubts whether I'm up to it, but I have to stay positive and remember that I have to work for what I want. This year all of my friends will be parting their own ways as they go to their chosen universities, which is sad of course but also exciting because I know these next years will shape us into the adults we want to be. You never know, I could get lucky where a big, Hollywood casting agent wants me to move to L.A. and star in the new season of PLL, it's possible ok. I'll keep that dream, but for now I'll focus on this month, where I'll be heading back to college and working on auditions for the upcoming months. And so finally, to end this short, little post, I thought I would jot down some small goals for me to focus on for now, and hopefully buy the end of this month I'll have completed them!

1. Read more plays and books.
2. Perfect my audition pieces.
3. Learn lines for upcoming plays and exams.
4. Prepare more blog posts.
5. Get back to being organised.


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