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   When I first began doing my make up, I never did anything with my brows as I felt that I didn't need it. It's only been in the past year or so that I've really been bothered with keeping my brows on point, whether it's using a brow gel on it's own, or using a light brow pencil like this one from Soap&Glory. Now personally, the thought of brow pencils used to terrify me, as I'd just think of those girls who would harshly draw on their brows so I was scared of doing the same. However when I discovered this one I thought it would be a great beginner pencil to use, as it's small nib means I have great control and small, soft hairs can be replicated easily and quickly. I also love how this comes with a brow comb on the other end, so you can brush through your brows before and after applying the product for a much more natural-looking brow. Although I will admit mine did get a little gross after a while of constantly using it!

   The packaging for this, starting with the box, is true to the Soap&Glory brand with the pink and black typography and quirky phrases like 'tested on a group of ladies who decided it was brow or never.' As for the product itself, the sleek, light design makes it easy to keep in your make up bag and looks very minimalistic which I like. The only downside to this product is that there are only two shades, so it won't work universally like other brands a.k.a. Anatasia brows, yet this is definitely a drugstore dupe for their infamous Brow Wiz. Since trying both shades, I'd probably re-purchase the lighter shade myself as you can easily apply this lightly for a quick fill, or darken it for a more prominent brow too. I'm currently using up my darker shade which is great for my natural hair colour, however since going blonde I think that I should maybe keep my brows lighter as well. But don't get me wrong, I've loved both shades equally, and the product does last a good long time. The texture of the product isn't very dry at all, and I'd say it's more along the wax-like texture as it's super easy to blend.  

When applying the product I tend to follow the usual routine:

1. Comb through brows with the brush.
2. With light strokes begin filling in any sparse areas in the middle of the brow.
3. Then start to define more of an arch if you have one, and shape the tail of the brow.
4. If I need to, I'll then lightly create little hairs at the front of the brow.
5. Finally comb through again to blend the product evenly and create a natural finish.

The Soap&Glory 2-in-1 Brow Pencil is available in Boots for £8 HERE


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