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   As promised I'm here with my monthly favourites, and this year's final favourites in fact! How time flies, eh. I was actually struggling to come up with some products this month simply because I've been super busy and haven't really tried anything new, but I did find some certain things that I've been loving over the Christmas period and just had to share with you.

Tea Light Holder //

   Mine's not looking too photogenic recently, most likely because it's been in use everyday this month and needs cleaning. My friend gave me this as a birthday present, as well as some scented melts which you place on top whilst a tea light burns underneath. But I've been obsessed, and need to buy some more melts soon since I'm on my last one! I think these are such a good investment, since you don't have to keep buying expensive candles, as all you need are some tea lights and melts which you can get cheaply. 

L'Oreal Lipgloss // 103 Protest Queen

   A lip combination I've been wearing constantly this month has actually involved a lipgloss, which I never thought I would say because I'm definitely more of a lipstick girl. But at the beginning of the month my mum treated me to this pink, brown-toned lipgloss, which transfers much lighter on the lips, into more of a nude pink gloss. As a non-lipgloss wearer though, I will say that it does feel nice on the lips and not too sticky, yet there's no escaping the awkward hair-stuck-on-the-lipgloss situation.

Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick // 630 Nude Perfection

   Underneath the lipgloss I've also been pairing it with this matte lip colour from Maybelline, just to darken it and create more of a brown-toned nude. Together, I've worn these two products everyday this month, and I'd definitely recommend this combination if you're in the market for a new drugstore lip colour.

Braun Facial Epilator //

   A new edition to my skincare routine has been this facial brush that I kinda stole from my mama, but we tend to share it now. It's basically continuing the hype of the Clarisonic Facial Brush that appeared this year, and numerous brands now copying with different electronic facial brushes. However this one from Braun doubles as an epilator which means it comes with detachable heads that come in a set. It may seem a little more effort to put in to your skincare, but it does genuinely leave my skin feeling cleaner, softer and smoother.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Foam Cleanser //

   With this I've then been keeping my skincare simple with this tea tree foam cleanser, and using it when I can in the morning or evenings after taking my make up off. I know Body Shop well enough to trust their products on my skin, and by using their tea tree range I'm hoping that it will clear my redness and some unruly spots that have appeared around my chin, but I'll keep your updated on the journey.

ASDA All Butter Christmas Trees

   Of course since it's Christmas, I couldn't not include some sort of food in this post. And like every year my mum always buys these shortbread Christmas trees which I love! There just yummy and crispy, and I've happily sat down with a cuppa and a box of these on many evenings this month. Sadly though they only sell these at Christmas time (Shocker right?) which I personally think needs to change.

Bridget Jones's Diary

   This month I've also been loving the Bridget Jones series of films, since the first was traditionally shown on ITV2, which then led me to re-kindling my love, and so I watched the second film on Christmas eve after finishing work. My dad said he hates these, but he still managed to crack a smile during the fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant...


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