Hi everyone! I know it's a little late, and most people (including yours truly) will have most likely been occupied relaxing and eating all of the foods. That's why I didn't really plan on posting anything in particular today, and instead simply wanted to wish all of you a very merry Christmas wherever you are in the world, and if you don't celebrate then I hope you've had a amazing day anyway! Right now I think I may have a cheeky little glass of Bailey's and then sit down with a film with my new all-pink pyjamas, those of which I've had on all day as it's one of our family traditions - anyone else. It's actually been a while since I've had a real lazy day, and by that I mean actually switching my brain off for once, which I think has resulted in me feeling sleepy at only 7pm. But anyway, I won't keep you for long, I hope that you've had a great day and I'll be back on Sunday with the last monthly favourites for 2015, woo.

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