H&M New Look



   It's that time of year again when I feel like it's acceptable to whip out a beanie and wrap up all cosy for college! And since I thought this outfit was pretty cute, compared to my usual skinny jeans and any old shirt, I thought I would blog my OOTD for you all. I'm not gonna lie, the beanie did also help cover some unruly roots which I need to sort out pronto, but it's also a great little accessory for A/W and the colour is obviously super autumnal, so I felt quite in the festive spirit today. As for the rest of my outfit, high-waisted jeans are just a must for me, and I love this striped crop top paired with the navy coat, although I must admit I did wear this backwards (on purpose might I add) just because I preferred the smaller stripes rather than the thicker stripes on the back - As I feel it makes my bust look too wide and odd-looking. But other than that, I hope you've had a great week and I'll be back on Sunday with a new beauty post, woo!

Beanie Hat - New Look
Striped Crop Top - Topshop
Navy Duffle Coat - Primark
High-waisted MOM Jeans - H&M


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