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   For me M.A.C. lipsticks are definitely a luxury product, as I only tend to get them for something special like an event, or as a present like at Christmas time. And I know for young girls, students ect. sometimes we just can't afford it, so I thought that I would try and find some alternatives to some famous M.A.C. lipstick colours with some drugstore dupes that are much more affordable. The first one I have here is Creme Cup by M.A.C. cosmetics, which is a cremesheen lipstick so it has a much more moisturised and glossy finish on the lips. I don't really like applying this too heavily as my lips are quite dry and it can sometimes cling a little. But by applying it lightly then dabbing it into the lips, it has a beautiful, natural pink colour that works with any make up look. The drugstore alternative that I found is a close colour match, and is my Rimmel London lipstick from the Kate Moss Matte collection in the colour '101.' This is definitely in the same colour range as Creme Cup with that pink, girly look, although it does have more of a satin finish. When swatched down below you can see that Creme Cup has a shine on the skin, whereas Rimmel London doesn't really have this and instead has more of a matte finish, yet still feels smooth on the lips and not drying at all. As for the longevity of the products, of course M.A.C. is going to last that little longer, whereas my Rimmel London will tend to last only 1 or 2 hours, but if you don't mind the top-ups then this is for you. So, if you're interested in the colour of Creme Cup but don't mind about the finish of a lipstick, then definitely try out this dupe!

M.A.C. Lipstick - £15.50

SAVE: £10.01


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