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   I've not done a 'HOW TO' D.I.Y. post in a while, so I thought I would show you a really quick drink that I like to make, and since I had all of the proper ingredients today, I thought I would show you a bit of a Starbucks hack. My usual Starbucks order recently has been an iced caramel macchiato, and so I want to show a way you can achieve the exact same drink at home for less, and probably healthier too. For this all you will need is:

Instant Coffee
Caramel Syrup / Sweetener
Cream Topping (Optional)

That's it!

      If you don't have any already, then you'll need to prep some ice prior to making the drink, but if you want, you could leave out the ice and simply leave your coffee in the freezer for a little longer until it's ice-cold. I first begin by making standard coffee using instant Kenco, but making it quite strong and only filling the mug about half-way so it's almost like an espresso. You'll then want to pop it in the fridge, or the freezer if you want it to cool quicker. I find that it usually takes about 20 mins to cool, just remember to not forget about it like I have done in the past - Or else you'll then end up with a coffee popsicle. Once your coffee is cooled down, you'll then want to add it to your glass of ice. I tend to fill it about half way for a stronger taste of coffee, but if you're not a coffee lover then try it a quarter-way full instead. 

   The next step is to fill the rest of your glass with milk and add your sweetener. Here I used the Monin Caramel Syrup which I was kindly gifted from my birthday, but you can also buy these small 250ml bottles from Tesco in the UK (Either CARAMEL or VANILLA for £3 each). However if you wish to try a healthier option, you could also add agave syrup instead! You can then drink it as it is if you're happy with it, or as a cheeky treat you can add squirty cream, and I also added a little of the caramel syrup on top too.

   And there you have an amazing iced coffee, without the faff of going to Starbucks for your daily dose of caffeine. I know most people will know how to make iced coffee (since every blogger and their dog has most likely tried it for themselves) but I thought it would be a quick D.I.Y. post and a fun idea to share with those who don't know.



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