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   So I know I've done something similar in the past with 'My Favourite YouTubers' but this time I thought I would focus on beauty and fashion vloggers who I always love to watch and see in my subscription box. Some of these people you may already know, but I've also mentioned some less-known ladies for you to check out, and of course I've linked their channel below for you too. If you have any more of your own fave vloggers, then feel free to leave a comment below, I love finding new YouTube people!

1. Lily Melrose // CLICK HERE

   Someone that I always seem to mention on this blog, and my ultimate fave for fashion and beauty, is this lovely lady, Lily. Her sense of edgy fashion and make up is very similar to my own style, and whenever I see a Lily Melrose video in my subscription box it always brightens my day - In fact she's probably one of the main influences as to why I started up my own channel too, so thank you Lily!

2. MakeupbyMandy24 // CLICK HERE

   Amanda has also been a vlogger who I've watched for years since I was in high school, I remember binging on her videos on school nights, and watching someone grow up on YouTube is amazing to see - Especially through her teenage years. And now, I must say her style is right up my street and she's always a great one for make up inspiration. To show my love for her I did do a 'Get The Look' on her everyday make up HERE if you're interested! Plus, every time she appears on my insta feed I always feel the urge to bleach my hair and get that white blonde, anyone else?

3. TheMakeupChair // CLICK HERE

   This Irish vlogger is a definite one to subscribe to if you're new to make up or generally just want to learn more about beauty. The majority of her videos are quite short, not only making it easier to binge watch, but also picking up quick tips to use for my own everyday make up. Sometimes I'm not as consistent when watching her videos I must admit, but I do particularly love her Pretty Little Liar tutorials and her 'Monday Make up Lessons' for sure!

4. Claudia Sulewski // CLICK HERE

   Like Amanda, I've been watching Claudia's videos for quite a while, back before she moved to L.A. Since then her video quality has improved by an insane amount, and you can tell that she puts a lot of love and effort in to her editing as well as the content itself. I particularly love her make up tutorials as her recent everyday make up gave me some real inspo for my own. I'd also recommend watching her recent fashion videos like her OOTW and Get Ready With Me, as whenever I watch them I always end up wanting everything.

5. Bleach London // CLICK HERE

   If you didn't know already, I'm kinda obsessed with this brand of hair products and salons and everything they do. If you want some hair inspo and great DIY videos using their own range of products, then definitely check out this channel. I think they only have like 3 videos though, which is a shame because I love their whole vibe and 90s style.

6. Samantha Maria // CLICK HERE

   Sammi has always appealed to me as she seems so down to Earth, and in her videos she's always really chatty making her easy to watch too. I have a serious crush on her hair as well, from when she cut it short giving her this whole 'BeyoncĂ©' vibe, to now with her bangs and long locks. Plus, her little frenchie Riley is an absolute cutie, so what's not to love?

7. Danielle Carty // CLICK HERE

   The one thing I love about Danielle is that she has achieved so much at such a young age, and unlike me, she has had the confidence to start her YouTube channel whilst still at high school. If you're into really girly, pretty-type videos then I'd recommend her for sure, plus since she's still young herself I feel like girls in high school will be able to relate to her a lot more.

8. FashionRocksMySocks // CLICK HERE

   I don't really know how I came along to finding Rhiannon on YouTube, but I loved her fashion videos and her cute but quirky style. She also does some beauty bits, random videos and has some great Lush hauls and demos - And since she used to work at Lush, I end up learning quite a bit too whilst watching, making it entertaining yet educational wuh-hey.

9. Inthefrow // CLICK HERE

   So recently I found out that Victoria used to live just down the road from me; which is slightly strange because I live in quite a small village where nothing that amazing happens, but Victoria has become this amazing blogger / vlogger for all things beauty and fashion. She gives me hope to say the least, that I can get out of this village one day. Like Sammi, I've always had hair envy and she generally just seems like a lovely lady which makes her videos such a joy to watch. 

10. Emily Canham // CLICK HERE

   And finally Emily is quite a new YouTuber for me, as I first subscribed when I watched one of her beauty hack videos which I loved. Since then I've enjoyed watching her make up videos in particular as she uses some great products and always does flawless, full-coverage make up, so if that interests you then check her out. 

   All of these amazing ladies are great at what they do, but I also just wanted to finish on the point that there are also some amazing male beauty vloggers - Including my all-time fave Wayne Goss (CLICK HERE) who is a professional make up artist and offers some great tips and tricks that I've learned a lot from.


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