Beauty Empties



   Since purchasing my first Lush products about two years ago, I've been an avid fan of the brand and their products, and tend to go through quite a bit of their stuff throughout the year. However when I get so many empties, instead of including them in a normal empties post (which will still be going up as normal) I thought I would dedicate an empties post to Lush itself, or else we could be here all day. Here I thought I would just start off with a few shower products, but there will be much more to come soon, I can assure you that.


   For some reason, when I tried to link this product for you it wasn't actually available online, so I'm not so sure whether they've discontinued this or whether it's just a seasonal product - In which case it may be back around Christmas time. This little tub may not look like much, but trust me when I say this lasts forever. I actually had this for way over a year and still had most of it left, so I just decided to throw the rest as I knew I wouldn't be able to use it all. But don't get me wrong, this novelty product smelled so sweet like cherries and all things good, and also had glitter running through it so what's not to love? Sometimes using this was quite tricky, as you're essentially applying jelly to your skin, but with a loofah it lathered really quickly whilst using the smallest amount of the jelly.


   Something that I know is a seasonal product is the Snow Fairy range; which comes out every Christmas from popular demand. This is the mini bottle of the shower gel, but you can also buy a larger bottle for a little more money if you're a dedicated fan of this stuff. The pink gel has blue / purple glitter running through it, and smells very sweet like their Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. So if you love that sweetie scent and anything pink, then get ready to buy this Christmas 2015, I know I'll be re-purchasing. 


   I'll be honest, I only really used this once maybe twice at the most, and since it had gone out of date I thought it would be best to throw the rest away - but I'm still keeping all of the little pots as if you collect 5 and bring them in store, you get a free fresh facial mask! However when I did use this product I found it to be quite thick and had a simple soapy scent, if that's makes sense. I guess this is kind of a shower body wash, but is meant to leave your skin soft like a skin conditioner, giving you the best of both worlds in that sense. Overall I probably wouldn't buy this again as I enjoy Lush's shower gels much more, and the scent wasn't anything to rave about.


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