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   Do you know when you're scrolling through Pinterest for beauty inspo. and think, 'hey I could totally re-create that!' Well this week I had one of those moments, and thought that I'd have a crack at some halloween nail art. Spoiler: It failed, hard. I've tried nail art before with floral designs and simple polka dots, but for some reason this time I just couldn't grasp it (I was going to say 'nail it' then, but I thought that may have been too bad of a joke) But anyway, after also watching Ingrid Nilsen's recent video, I knew that I wanted to try the 'blood dripping down your nails' look and also challenge myself with some sort of pumpkin design to get into the spirit of things - Perhaps next time I'll not challenge myself so much.

   To begin with I started with a blank canvas and painted all of my nails with a white nail polish. The one I'll be using here is Barry M's Gel Polish in Coconut, but I'll leave all of the products I use at the end of the post too! I then put a matte topcoat on which I thought looked pretty cool, and for the blood element I used a matte red colour to match. To do this I dotted where I wanted the blood drips to end, and then joined this up to my nail tip and painted the entire tip of my nail (if you like you can watch Ingrid's video HERE for a more visual demonstration) As you can see my first fingernail went pretty well, but then as I tried again I messed up a little and attempted to resurrect the nail art with my white polish again. For a different look I also tried a bright, green nail polish like a slime drip, and this looked pretty good as this nail polish had a shine to it which made the green colour look even more slimy. 

   As a little experiment I also tried painting a piece of string with the same red nail polish, and scraping this on top of the white colour in order to try and create a scratch effect. Sadly this didn't work out, and turned into more of a bloody fingerprint on my pinky when I tried to fix the string. Next time I would definitely use something like dental floss or some sort of thin, plastic string, just to get more of a precise line and create a criss-cross pattern to mimic a knife slash effect.

   Since I was on such a great roll with the blood nail art, I moved on to trying a pumpkin design on my thumb. At first this design look quite promising, as I began by painting a semi-circle and then trying to outline the pumpkin with more of a lighter orange shade. This is actually where I went wrong, and sadly there was only bad photographic evidence of this, but I would probably use a smaller brush next time as the one I used from the actual nail polish was way too wide. And so, after all of that went to shit, I did a simple coat of polish using autumnal colours. I loved the gold and orange together, so I used a simple gold top coat over the white colour, and it came out in this amazing glittery shade.


Barry M Gel Nail Paint (432 Coconut)

Barry M Matte Nail Paint (336 Crush)

Barry M Nail Paint (290 Spring Green)

Barry M Gel Nail Paint (248 Satsuma)

   So I don't know whether this post was anything worth sharing, but if you do take anything from this, then it would be that Barry M are a great brand for beginner nail artists. I remember my first nail polish being from Barry M as they're really cheap and great quality, especially their gel range. I know they also do nail art pens, which I should probably invest in, and have a wide range of shades for you to experiment with. So yeah, that's my piece of knowledge for today's post, I hope you enjoyed! *most likely at the fact that my failure proves that not all bloggers are perfect at everything*


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