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   In the past, my gift ideas have been quite thought out and personalised for the person who I'll be giving them to. However I know that sometimes people don't always have the time to plan and think about a gift. That's why I thought I would give you a really simple, easy gift idea that still looks amazing and can be enjoyed by anyone! And that is the Soap&Glory gift sets. Sometimes the idea of giving someone 'smellies' like bubble bath and body lotions can be preconceived as being little boring and overdone a lot of the time, but I think Soap&Glory have completely re-vamped the idea but still being affordable if you don't want to splash the cash - Starting from just £5 to £15 max. My mum always enjoys these little gift sets and gets them quite frequently, as my dad tends to find it easier to buy these, and so if you're a guy and struggling to buy for a girl then I'd definitely recommend these.

   From personal experience, any Soap&Glory product that I've tried, I've loved. Their packaging is so unique and distinctive to their brand, with the black and white images and quirky naming of their products. I think they also accommodate their scents for a broad audience, as they have quite sweet scents, but also one's that aren't as sweet and more fresh and neutral. I may even do a 'brand appreciation' on this just because I have quite a few products I'd love to share!

   These two sets below are the BAD DAY BOX and THANK INSIDE THE BOX sets, both at £15 each from Boots. The Bad Day Box comes with a body butter, body scrub and foam wash for shower or bath, as well as a pink shower loofah. From using these particular products myself, I know that they have less of a sweet scent and would be great for anyone! The scrub is also lovely as the beads are quite small, so they still smooth the skin but without feeling like you're taking layers of skin with it. As for the Thank Inside The Box, this also comes with the same shower loofaf, but this time with the Clean Girls body wash, Daily Sooth body butter and Scub Em' and Leave Them body scrub. The packaging for these is so fun and cute, especially the Bad Day Box as I'm sure many of us have had those days and pulled the same expression as the women on the box, and so a pamper set like this is a perfect idea.

   Another gift set I have here is the THINK PAMPER set; which I got for Christmas and I think is a seasonal product, but you can also get these products inside separately from Boots all year round. These products are some of Soap&Glory's classics, including my personal favourite Hand Food hand cream which I've used for well over a year now, and love for keeping my hands soft and smooth. You do get quite a few more products in this one, but sadly I don't have the exact price of this as it was from last Christmas. 

   Most of these products I have used up and loved using, and like the Bad Day Box I found that these products don't have a very sweet scent either, and instead it's much more fresh. Surprisingly I also found the Heel Genius foot cream to have quite an effect, as my heels in particular can get quite dry, and so by using this at night with a pair of woolly socks, I woke up to soft and supple feet - And with constant use I could feel and see a difference.

   Overall, I think these gift sets are a good all-rounder and a definite crowd-pleaser in our family and my group of friends, especially if you're struggling for ideas or don't have time to plan something. But if you do want something more personal, then you can check out my past two gift ideas here:


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  1. Always one of my favs to get at Christmas time!:)

    1. Ah me too, I love their products!

      Meg ♡