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   For some reason I have never done a 'brand appreciation' type post on this blog, and so I thought I would start it off with a brand that I've fallen in love with this year - Bleach London. If you aren't aware of this brand already, then they're basically a company who specialise in cool and quirky hair colours, founded and owned by Sam Teasdale (Twinnie of 1D's and 5SOS' hairstylist Lou Teasdale who I love) and Alex Brownsell. I've always wanted to visit their salon on Kingsland Road in London, but they also have one now in Oxford Street Topshop too. I'm constantly stalking their instagram for new hair inspo, as well as their hairdressers like Loren Miles (@lorenmiles), Alex Brownsell (@alexbrownsell), Tasha Spencer (@tasher_spencer) and so many more. But don't get me wrong, it's not just the girls who are getting in on the crazy hair colours, the guys are also rocking bleach just as well!

   Since becoming so popular over the past year, they now have their own products stocked in Boots, so I can get my Bleach fix without having to trek down to London. I've tried so many of their products, including their Bleach dye kits which definitely lightened my naturally dark hair, but I would recommend bleaching twice to get a pure blonde colour without it being yellow. I've also tried their toner, which didn't work as well as expected, but still got rid of some brassy tones in my dyed blonde hair.

   And of course to keep my hair in good condition, whether I bleached it or not, they still have some great haircare including these Live Forever Shampoo and Conditioner. They're very simple looking compared to the other wacky colours of their products, but whether you've turned into a blondie or brunette, you can still use these to keep the colour of your hair looking fresh. I also just want to mention the packaging of their products, as I first fell in love with their logo, replicating Nirvana's first album Bleach. The screw cap is also unique compared to other haircare bottles, but despite being quite fiddly sometimes, I still love them and think they're aesthetically awesome.

   Other haircare that can be used by anyone is the Split Fix Serum which is quite oily in consistency, but a little goes a long way with this for sure. I usually apply this product on wet hair before drying, as sometimes the ends of my hair can be quite poofy. But I also run a little through my dry hair after straightening or curling to give it some shine and smooth any flyaways at the roots. They also have their Reincarnation Mask which is essentially a hair mask that you can use once a week, and comes with any of their bleaching kits, toners, or can be bought separately. It's quite thick so I tend to run this through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair to nourish and keep it from being dry and brittle after dying. You can even take a little pea-sized amount and run this through the ends of your wet hair as a sort of leave in conditioner too.

   Now probably the main thing Bleach are known for are their wacky hair colours, from pink, red, green, blue, pretty much every colour of the rainbow can be achieved. The 'Super Cool Colour' comes in small bottles, so you may want to buy more than one if you have quite thick or long hair, but they are only £5 each so it's not breaking the bank too much. They're also super easy to use, as you apply on to shampooed, towel dried hair and leave on for 15 mins (However since my hair was more of a caramel brown at the time, I left on for a lot longer so the colour would transfer) But don't worry, if you're not happy with the colour then it does wash out in 2-10 washes depending on the colour you choose. The dye itself doesn't have a particularly strong scent in my opinion, and the putty-like texture makes it seem like you're simply applying conditioner.

   For a quick colour fix, you may also like they're hair crayons; which is a type of hair chalk in pencil form, and comes in the same colours as they're Super Cool Colours. To use this, you can apply on small plaits or the ends of your hair, although it would be hard to do dip dye for example, as the nib of the crayon isn't very big. Once you've 'drawn' on your hair you can then brush through to remove excess product, and this fades within a much shorter amount of time (1-4 washes depending on the colour / condition of your hair) With the pencil you also get a sharpener, plus for only £4 this would be a great little product to have for summer festivals. As a quick tip, I've also seen Lou Teasdale herself use the colour 'I Saw Red' as a lip colour too!

   Some of the final products I have are their range of shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair. Here I have the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner for keeping brassy tones out of blonde hair, and preventing bleached hair from being yellow and unnatural looking. They are basically a dupe for the Lee Stafford version of these products; which I have also used in the past and found the same results with. If you have white, bleached hair you can also use these to give your hair a violet tint like Lou, by leaving the products on like you would with a hair dye. Similarly, you can also do this with the Rosé Shampoo and Conditioner for a pink tint. Like the Silver range they're also made for maintaining colour with dyed hair, but obviously in this case it's for pink / peach hair. These are priced at £5 each which I think is reasonable for a salon-like product, and gives great results too when you use them once a week or as often as you need.



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