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   (Before I start this post I would like to apologise for the late-ness, as I realise that it's a little overdue, my bad)

   I'll be honest, I'm gutted. The end of August is upon us which means I basically need to get my ass together, get organised and get myself ready for September. Like many others, I'm on to my last week of my summer holidays now, so I'm getting as much relaxation in a possible before I have to go back to the college lifestyle, A-Levels, and figuring out what I want to do with my life - UPDATE: I still have no idea where I'm going after college, but ah well, future Meg can worry about that. But don't get me wrong, I've had a great month with a little holiday to Wales, spending time with friends and family, and having a well deserved rest. I've also been loving quite a few products this month, so I thought I would gather them together for this monthly favourites!

Small Tan Shoulder Bag // TK Maxx

   I remember including this bag in a collective haul on this blog years ago, and it's been one of my go-to bags all this time. But recently I've been grabbing it over my usual ASOS satchel, purely because it's a little smaller and can fit all of my essentials inside. I also love how this bag divides into three sections, with an added zipper on the back for extra storage. The orange-toned tan colour is also a little different than most bags, and I've just loved wearing it during this summer.

Firefly Peach and Green Tea Drink // ASDA £1.29

   I simply picked up this drink in ASDA one day because I was thirsty, and the cute bottle drew me in. But since I love Lipton's Peach Iced Tea, I knew I would love this just as much, and I wasn't wrong! It's super refreshing and light, and a great drink for the summertime, or any time if you're like me and can't refuse a good iced tea. 

Honey Bronzer (01) // The Body Shop £13

   If you're a fair skinned gal like moi, then this bronzer is definitely for you! I feel like most drugstore bronzers don't really have a good shade selection, as it's usually either light or dark. But the Body Shop actually have a few to choose from, and this being the lightest one is great for my pale complexion. It has a matte finish and doesn't have those orange or red tones like in most drugstore bronzers, so you can pull off contouring without looking like you've smudged dirt on your face.

Stippling Brush // E.L.F. Cosmetics £4.50

   With the bronzer, I've then been using it with this stippling brush for contouring, would you believe. I'll usually use my brushes for it's unintended purpose, but I actually love this for a subtle contour as I'm not usually one for heavy bronzer. The duo fibres on the brush are also really soft, so the product blends nice and smoothly, giving a light bronzed finish.

L'Oreal Lipstick (Eva's Nude) // Boots £6.99

   Here, I also have an old favourite which I rekindled my love for after prepping some new make up posts for this blog (which I promise you'll see soon!) It's a beautiful peach nude, with a satin finish and gives this highlighted effect in the centre of the lip; which I've enjoyed wearing with a highlighted, fresh base and mascara.

No.7 Intense Volume Mascara // Boots £9.95

   And that mascara has actually been this one from No.7; which if you've read my posts from the beginning, featured the same one back then, so perhaps I should throw it out. But I think this gives my lashes great length, maybe not so much volume, but definitely can be applied easily for a quick coat of mascara that still looks good. I'd probably recommend this for a young girl who wants to start wearing a little make up, just because the wand is longer and easier to use, plus it gives a natural finish with one coat.

Mist You Madly Body Spray // Soap&Glory @ Boots £4

   Since my perfumes have ran out, I've been turning to this body spray from Soap&Glory, which I love even more because it's so cheap and is a great way to quickly freshen up. The scent is quite fruity and fresh, and I love how they've re-designed their whole fragrance range. I've loved this spray for years, and will always have a bottle of it stashed in my room.

Selena Gomez // Good For You

   And finally, I thought I'd also throw in a song I've been loving, and for this month it's definitely been this track from Selena. It's been through every usual song-loving-stage e.g. replayed on my iPod, sang badly in the shower, and played too loudly in the car. I'll be honest, I kept seeing the stills from the video and didn't think anything of it, then one day I just thought I'd listen and see what the hype was about... And the rest was history.


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  1. Good luck with your A-Levels. I've been wanting to try the honey bronzer for such a long time, it sounds perfect for my pale skin!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Aw thank you! And yeah I'd really recommend it :)

      Meg ♡