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   I thought I would give you another little idea for a gift, whether it be for a birthday or just a little treat for a friend or family member. This gift is slightly more simplistic than my last 'Pamper Evening' gift idea HERE, but this has been planned for a friend of mine who loves unicorns and pretty things - You'll understand in a minute! 

   For wrapping the gift I used this floral wrapping paper from Wilko in the UK; which was featured in my previous post but I thought I would use it for this gift instead, as even though it may not look like a huge present, I still wanted to make it look cutesy and pretty. And for some little added details, I also wrapped pink and yellow striped string around the present, and threading some matching buttons before tying the string into a bow. Again, everything used to wrap this gift was from Wilko, as they have some great craft and wrapping supplies like this at really affordable prices - I honestly get so many things from there on the cheap (but this post isn't sponsored or anything, I swear!)

   Some ways you can also personalise a gift is by adding a gift tag, with maybe an inside joke or personal message, and even decorating the card's envelope like I did here - Even if it does end up being a failed unicorn and emoji crown. And of course, you can personalise the gift itself for the person you're giving it to, like I did here.

   All of the gifts below we're quite thought out, as I know my friend has a unicorn onesie which she loves, so I thought the unicorn socks would work spiffingly together. I then found this unicorn jewellery holder, and as I know she likes wearing rings, I thought this was a simple but quirky way to store them and still suit her room. I then got her my favourite drugstore lipstick - Maybelline's Colordrama Lipstick in Nude Perfection which I bought from Superdrug for £4.99. The other unicorn gifts and birthday card below were ordered from ASOS, who I always forget do some great gifts, plus it saves me going out when I don't have the time! This wasn't the exact birthday card I got for my friend, but when checking on ASOS for a link, I found that it wasn't online for some reason, but they have some amazing, funny cards on there with pretty typography!

I hope this has given you some gift inspo, as maybe you have a friend or family member with similar taste! Thanks for reading guys, much love.


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