Sometimes, finding a moment of peace can be tricky during day-to-day life, but we all have those little, relaxing moments that make us happy. I first read this type of post over on Paige's blog HERE, and since I'd visited Portmeirion recently for the first time, I thought this would be a great competition to get involved in! Portmeirion are challenging bloggers to #ShareYourSerenity for a chance to win a night's stay there - And trust me, it's beautiful. You can read more on the competition HERE if you like, but I thought I would share some of the things that I like to do to relax, or when I'm taking the time to chill out.

   Being the theatre student I am, I've been loving reading plays over the summer, after blogging about my summer reading list which you'll see soon. My favourite so far has been By My Baby by Amanda Whittington, but I'm also loving Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern; which I guess is kinda written as a play, but it was originally the rom-com novel Where Rainbows End. Reading has always been one of those things I'll turn to in the evening before bed, especially during the summer holidays when I have more time to read.


   Pretty much every night before going to sleep, I'll also listen to some music on my iPod. This habit has been a part of my evening routine now for years, and for some reason I just love falling asleep to a chilled song. My favourite artist at the moment is Years & Years and their album Communion. On some rare occasions I'll also go to see live music, since I just love the whole energy and atmosphere of an arena or even a smaller venue like the Deaf Institute in Manchester.


   A pretty generic relaxation method is a good pamper evening. On this blog you would have seen a pamper routine many a time, but having a Lush bath with a deep cleansing face mask can really make a difference when I'm stressed. For this I also killed two birds with one stone here, since I also love going into the Lush store and shopping for new products with friends.


   And finally, probably the most relaxing thing for me is to watch sunsets in the evening. It sounds so simply ridiculous, but where my bedroom is in our house, I have the best view of sunsets. I'll always be sending snapchats to my friends of the different colours, and I find watching the colours change just so comforting and peaceful. 

I'd love to know some of your moments of serenity, so I tag anyone who reads this to share yours!


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