Long time no see friends, it seems that my little absence from this blog has meant that there hasn't been much regular content, but don't worry because I've been prepping for the next couple of months! This week I've actually been out the house on a little staycation to North Wales with family, and for one of the days we ventured out to Portmeirion. The village itself was built by a man called Clough Williams-Ellis 'to show how a beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it.' He bought the site in 1925 and spent 50 years building the village, and trust me, you can see why it took so long. The village was also the set to 60s TV show 'The Prisoner,' so you get many fans coming to pay a visit to the set they know and love. Whereas for me, I came not knowing anything about the place, and simply thought it was going to be a dull, sailing port of some sort. (Way too much rhyming in that sentence, I'm sorry) Oh, how wrong I was. My pictures below don't even do the colours justice, as this place felt like I was in Balamory and a Wes Anderson film all at once. It's a photographers paradise and way too instagram-able, so you can imagine the feels when I walked through the bright blue gates. Everywhere you look there's colour, stunning buildings and amazing gardens.
   In the village there's little cafe's, restaurants, gift shops and even a hotel right next door, so you're pretty much sorted - And the hotel's pool looked incredible, like an American, suburban heaven. You're not totally restricted to the village either, as there's acres of tropical forest surrounding it, with a lake, temples and cute little gazebos; which just looked so romantic and pretty. Overall, it's a great day out if you're not looking to stay for long, but I've also heard great things from the hotel too if you're wanting to stay. So check it out online, it's a beautiful place. In the end I took way too many photos, and I'm sure my instagram followers got sick of my feed, but it was an amazing day and if you're in the area then I'd highly recommend this place!


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