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   Personally, I'm the type of person that loves to give gifts rather than receiving them. I love the planning (mostly on Pinterest) making the gift look all pretty, and obviously physically giving someone the present itself! Since some of my friend's have birthdays coming up, I thought I would share with you some gift ideas that I have, and maybe you can use for your friends and family. And if any of my friend's are reading this, then don't read on!

   For this gift I had the idea of a girly pamper evening, so I initially wrote down a list of things I like to use when treating myself. I then took to Pinterest and found the concept of 'Spa in a Jar,' but since I couldn't get a mason jar in time for my friend's birthday, I found this cute, giant mug that I thought would work just as well. On my shopping trip I also found this perfect little frame with the quote 'Pampering in Progress' which I couldn't not leave in the shop. Overall I think this makes a great gift that looks like you've put a lot of thought into it by buying lots of smaller presents, plus since I'm on a bit of a budget, it's great value for money.

Below I'll try to link any of the little bits and pieces I picked up:

'Pampering in Progress' Frame - B&M Bargains £1
Birthday Card - The Card Factory 59p
Instant Hot Chocolate

   As for wrapping, Wilko in the UK have some great affordable wrapping paper and cute accessories like ribbon, tags, washi tape ect. I get all of my scrap booking supplies there! But I think in the U.S. you have places like Target which is pretty similar. In the end I didn't really use the wrapping paper or ribbon, since I thought this clear plastic, polka dot wrapping looked quite good on it's own with some tissue paper inside the mug to pack it.

   To wrap the mug I took the plastic wrapping and an elastic band, and put that around the bottom of the mug. I then took some simple, silver gift string and tied that around the base too - As well as using some scissors to do some fancy twirling at the ends; which you can easily do by scraping the string on the edge of a scissor blade. (But obviously if you're only young then get an adult to do this step!)

   As an extra little gift I also put in some of Lush's Honey I Shrunk the Kids soap which smells incredible, but I'm just hoping that she doesn't confuse it for a piece of fudge. Like the mug, I wrapped the soap the same way to keep it looking consistent and profesh. 

   As a finishing touch I packed the mug with some silver tissue paper to match the string, as well as adding a tag to the frame to write a short message on. I must say though, I wasn't completely prepared and ended up putting everything into a LadurĂ©e bag, but an actual gift bag would be better suited of course.

And there you have a pretty, affordable gift idea! I'll be sure to post any more in the future as I love to get a bit 'D.I.Y.' whenever I can...

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is a great idea! I love how everything is so affordable. Can you please post more D.I.Y.'s, this is really helpful!


    1. Thank you! And of course, I'm planning to do more stuff like this on this blog, as well as my usual beauty and fashion-y stuff :)

      Meg ♡