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   It's that time of year again, when I have to admit that summer is nearly over and I should probably get prepping for a new year at college, or for some school. By the amount of 'Back To School' type videos I've seen on YouTube recently, I thought I would join in on the trend and give you some of my own essentials when heading back to school! The first is actually below, and that's my cork board that I have hanging on my wall. I think I bought this from the Range in the UK quite cheaply, and I find it super handy to pin important letters or notes for college on. I'm also going to be printing out a calendar template when the academic year starts so I can keep track of the days - You can find these easily on Pinterest and Google images, but I love this simple design from Pen + Peplum HERE.

   As the beauty enthusiast I am, of course I'll have a little go-to bag with me throughout the day. For this you can use any make up bag or pencil case. In this, I'll then pop in my everyday powder which is usually the MAC Studio Fix as it comes with a mirror, as well as a powder brush, my choice of lipstick for the day and a lip balm too. Some other essentials I'd recommend having is a compact mirror, hair bobbles, mini hand cream (since I'm trying to be more religious with this stuff) as well as some 'girly essentials.' Yes, that is a tampon. C'mon it's only mother nature, and we all know we fear the day when we don't have any to hand. Plus, I didn't have one to photograph, but I'll also be taking a mini body spritz from Soap&Glory in my new fave Sugar Crush scent, it's smells ugh-may-zing.

MAC Studio Fix Powder (NW15)
Eco Tools Blush Brush
Compact Mirror - Superdrug £1.99
Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm - Boots £1.99
Soap&Glory Hand Cream - Boots £2.50

   Some other basic essentials for me is my watch (New Look) since being in college means you have to keep track of time more regularly, and this saves me checking my phone every two minutes. A simple watch design like this, with the sleek black strap and rose gold detailing, means it suits every outfit. Another little accessory I like to have with me are my sunglasses (Topshop £16). I'm hoping we have some sun for a little longer during September, or just until my birthday, and so I'll be keeping my sunnies with me just in case - Or even if I want to keep my hair back from my face during the day. Here I also have my phone charger and earphones, which I use everyday anyway at home, so having these with me is a must.

   Of course, an important essential is an actual school / college bag, and for me I'm always quite basic and stick with a black bag, as I'll know it will go with every outfit. I'm also a fan of the backpack as they're much comfier for me and I generally just prefer the casual, edgy styling of this one from ASOS (£17.50) Unlike the bag I had last year, this is much bigger meaning I'll be able to fit more files into this, as well as it having lots more storage like the zip detailing at the front. With this one I also love how the straps attach with metal clips, since I often have a problem with snapping the straps on backpacks, so I'm hoping this will be a little more sturdy. With my bag I'll also have my everyday purse from New Look (£9.99). I actually need a new one but for now this is sure to last for a few more months at least - Although I've just noticed it does look really good with the bag!

   Now onto the actual supplies you need for school and college. When buying my stuff for a new year I always like to make a list of things I actually need and how much it will all cost, so all of this stuff is pretty affordable. The first things I need for college are some simple A4 Binders in different colours for different subjects. On the side of the files I like to stick a label for the subject title, and have some plastic wallets and paper dividers at hand, so I can keep my notes neat and tidy when I come back to revision at the end of the year. For my theatre course, I'll also be using this smaller A5 polkadot notebook, since it's sectioned off for different sections of the course itself - Plus it matches in with my file which is a bonus.

   As some extra essentials I'd also recommend a planner 100% fo' sure. The one I'll be using is given to me through college anyway, but any small notebook like THIS, or a diary can work just the same. I also forgot to photograph mine, but some magazine files for your A4 Binders are brilliant to have, so you can store your files at home / in lockers and see them all neatly lined up.

A4 Binders - WHSmith £1.49 Each
A5 Spotty Notebook - WHSmith £4.99
Plastic Wallets - Ryman £7.99 / Wilko 89p
Paper File Dividers - Wilko 30p

   Next up are some basic lined notebooks for general notes. I use these everyday so I tend to buy cheap ones and then stock up for the year. Wilko also has some mini jotter versions which are great for testing yourself on keywords or to use as flashcards when revising. I see so many people at college with these notepads too, just because they're so cheap but still great quality. And of course because they're my go-to stationery, I'll always have one of these sticky note boards from WHSmith. Like seriously, there's so many different types and colours of sticky notes, I'm sorry but any stationery fan will understand my love for this.

      For all of those notebooks you'll obviously need some tools to write with, so for that I'll have my basic pens in assorted colours, pencils, highlighters, and felt tip pens. I also like to have a black marker with me and a mini stapler, it may look stupid, but you have no idea how many times people have asked to borrow that stapler over the past year. It's a great lil' thing to have on you. I also love this sharpener / eraser duo that saves case space and means you don't have pencil shavings everywhere when you've finished. My pencil case (which I've also just realised camouflages into my duvet) was quite pricey at £7.99, but I've had this for 2 years now and it's still going strong. 

Pencil Case - WHSmith
Black Marker Pen - Wilko 16p
Mini Stapler - ASDA
Pencils - Wilko 35p
Bic Pens (Assorted) - Wilko £1.50
Highlighter - Wilko 65p
Milani Eraser and Sharpener - WHSmith £2.79
Crayola Felt Tip Pens - Wilko £1.50

   Finally, at home I'll also have some extra stationery for when I'm doing homework at my desk (or more realistically on my bed watching Netflix) And for this I like to utilise old jars and decorate these by lining them inside with patterned paper, and tying some cute ribbon around the top too. In the jars themselves I'll then have some more felt tip pens, scissors, a glue stick, paperclips, spare staples, and washi tape. All of these are needed to hand for me when doing work, so having them on my desk looking all cute is a great way to store them and I guess kinda motivates me to use them in a way.

   And there you have some of my essentials for school / college! Most of these are probably things that everybody else picks up anyway, but hopefully there's a few new ideas in there for you, or perhaps some cheaper alternatives so you can save a few pennies.

I guess that's it from me here, I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays, and I'll see you sometime soon...


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